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– Token fan pump TT will crash?

+ In the past data that proves Token fan pump, TT will adjust sharply, most KOLs have the opinion that BTC will correct to 25-26k + considering current data: TT is lacking liquidity similar to the BTC period. 16-17k continuous price sw only, the previous period both TT was illiquid both BTC and altcoin. At the moment, the money is being poured through fan tokens, BTC sw altcoins bleed most of the time, only the new altcoins listed on the floor keep the price and sw according to the W frame ( Arb , ID ….) + Conspiracy theory : Is the bookie using the money to push the shit coin at the end of the season + past data fan tokens fly TT to make the price 1. Is to attract new money by fan token avoiding attention on the coins they are collecting good accumulation of W frames like ARB ID… 2. Hitting the idea of ​​a fan of tokens flying TT collapsed to pull a circuit to the 3x price area and stimulate NDT to continue fomo and then collapse? – Personal opinion, please give your opinion

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