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Top 10 popular investment strategies newbies should know

> Hello brothers, in the financial market there will be many types of play suitable for many types of people. Having an article that summarizes ways to play, playing strategies will help you have a better overview of how the market works, know how to observe where the masters make money. 1. **DCA – Dollar Cost Averaging** DCA is also known as price averaging. I also talk about this strategy often. Specifically, buy according to a certain period of time such as by day, by week, or by month. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to worry too much about the price of the coin you DCA. This is how many famous KOLs like it, and Thuan Capital is one of them, so is President el salvador :>> Our choice of a valuable coin for DCA is the key issue! Think about it, month after month, year after year, if you DCA’s price only goes down but doesn’t go up, or DEV quits the project, how does it feel? How to rate coin value: ( ** 2. Save Stablecoins, private, launchpad.** * Store stablecoins: USDT, USDC . Making the most of the benefits of putting in staking on the exchange, holding stable coins helps you be more active in the flash dump phase of the market, while the money is in the queue. * Private investment, launchpad helps you get a good and safe position when investing in crypto, with a much lower investment price when listing. Private, seed round needs a community or project support group, then it will give allo, about 100k $/time, more or less depending on the project and community (in 2021, I go private, win or lose, depending on the project. ) . Launchpads on exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Gate need to lock coins to participate, and holding stablecoins will be useful in this case. **3. Play memes & Shitcoin** Who remembers Safemoon, Shiba, Doge.. position swaps, don’t underestimate these memes and shitcoins. There are many x100 x1000 times there, such as this and that Cinu. There comes a time when you don’t know what to play, don’t have time to learn the styles, then playing memes is the best option. Easy to play, realistic. The way to play is quite simple, eating 1 bet can remove 5 10 losing bets =)) So meme, shitcoin arrays, in downtrend or uptrend, there are always x10 x100 bets. **4. Trend Play – DEX & CEX** * Play according to narrative and market trends. This way of investing is never outdated. Trends will always be created to attract new cash flows. You have noticed that in the past 5 years, there has been a trend every year from ICO, Defi, Gamefi, NFT, Move to earn, LSD, AI.. * Playing with this strategy helps you get the best assets but also easy. more capital allocation, suitable for those who have small capital but want to change positions quickly. * The requirement of playing this way is to be quick and hard to catch up with the trend. Don’t wait for it to end the trend and then join, the push wave is no longer likely to be much lower, and there are many notes to eat. Detailed tutorial on catching up with narritive by Le Ky: ( /) **5. NFT** * NFT began to be popular from 2021, many collections worth hundreds of millions of dollars were born, leading to a large amount of interest in this field, many series are still very hot: Azuki, moonbird, Beanz… First time If I play NFT, I will eat DEV’s potty, make it and give it up =)) fly 500$. * It’s important to learn the value and how to play NFT! Understanding its liquidity, how is NFT pooled and pushed? Pricing is based on what you have to learn to play. * Currently, there are many people who only play NFT and do not care about market fluctuations because they believe that the prospects of NFT are not limited to that, the future is much farther <3 Research NFT on Nasen: ( **6. Crypto Trading (Spot + Future), Hodlcoin.** This form is well known, instant noodles. But to survive in this harsh crypto market, going solo with the market is extremely difficult. Whether we master the knowledge of technical analysis or fundamental analysis is not necessarily profitable, but depends on many other factors: Discipline, psychology, capital management.. Margin school, future, the psychology is extremely high, looking at the jumping number, the psychology is born immediately. Leverage is associated with risk, so it takes a lot of practice, about 3 to 5 years to make money from it. Hodlcoin is equally psychological, depending on your position and income, can withstand the pressure when the price drops, can balance life outside anymore. This series of lessons to play with this strategy: (Ryan And Friends | **FULL GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE GROUP | Facebook)( 449885590625158) **7. Mining** I also mentioned this part in the previous post, this is a pretty good way to rely on technology and algorithm to earn coins. ( Read it again, and follow whoever knows About this array, I see there is a pretty good Kols about this on twitter: @ShengMo0x **8. Staking & Yield Farming** This strategy is played by many brothers, from staking stablecoins to top value coins like ETH, BNB. I also shared in the previous post, read it again. The most famous one must be mentioned until 2021 when APY is from a few hundred %/year to several thousand %/year. Profit optimization is quite good. Note that this is a downtrend, then staking, yield is also difficult to say how to play, suitable for all, who is quick, feels good market will be more appropriate. **9. Airdrop, retroactive..** Congratulations to whoever gets the ARB airdrop! This is a strategy that I appreciate because: * The position is much better than trading, the risk is less * It takes mainly time, effort, less fee * The results are many, sometimes extremely many when cheating on the right project: OP, APT, Blur.. Airdrop experience series: ( d/147vV-u66SS7jZNs1LXokH3nvE3sdOPwViUDAFJ1J9c4/edit?usp=sharing) Kols should follow: @NickyPham_HC **10 . Work to Eean** After all, it's still good to have a job outside to have an extra source of income to live through as well as pay for the expenses out there. If you have a lot of money, save money and put some idle money into the market, then our mentality and position will change much more positively, easier to play. Many people are rich from crypto but also choose to work to earn outside to be more comfortable, avoid excessive fomo. Deducting a little bit of money every month for risky investments like crypto, the mentality is much more comfortable, there is more time for other important things. Now also hot working in this crypto. Just learn more. -- **Choose the right way to play, answer the questions about your own position and see the most effective strategy if you play!** * What is your position? Tall or short? How much playing capital? Borrow anything? If you lose money, how do you live? * How much time a day is spent on crypto? Do you spend full time or only have 12 hours a day for it! That's important, to become a master in a certain field, time is extremely important, where does anyone give birth in a week of pregnancy =)) * What is the goal when playing? Make money or get rich? Is the goal realistic? Correct aim will play better! * How do you like to play? Love day trading or love finding cute meme coins! ⇒ Gather those many questions, see what type of play you are suitable for! Personally, I'm more suitable for Airdrop and short-term trading because I have more time + like to feel the waves of the market. -- **Conclusion**: Investing is a long journey, understanding the market, understanding what you are suitable for is essential. Above are 10 strategies I have observed, hopefully useful to you, good luck! Photo: Discord

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