Tuesday, June 6, 2023


These are potential projects that I have entered before 10%, having a DCA strategy to continue until 2024 **Payment array:** **1.** **Alchemy Pay (ACH): ** * A payment gateway that simplifies the crypto-fiat transaction process for businesses, users, and developers. * With main products like On & Off Ramps, NFT Checkout, Crypto Payments. => *This sub-operation model is quite good in payments, avoids mistakes from the Ripple case, connects and cooperates with many big companies to expand their business, invested by quite a few large funds, cap is much smaller than the initial raise and valuation.* **2. Zebec Protocol (ZBC): ** * The project helps create an automatic money transfer flow for businesses, customers,…can pay, invest, buy products or services. * With main products such as: Crypto Payroll, Zebec App & Zebec Card, Treasury Management, Token Management. * Currently, Zebec will incubate and support 50 quality projects built on the Nautilus Chain platform. * Besides, validators participating in running nodes on this platform also receive a lot of benefits (discount when referring you to buy Zebec Node NFT, earn more profit from running node, airdrop from Zebec points,… ). => *Compared to projects like Sablier, Superfluid, Llamapay, this product I find works quite well, is used and invested by large funds, the cap is quite small, easy to push the price, the development orientation I see ambition is a bit big, can put in watchlist for further consideration.* **NFTFi array:** **3. Pine (PINE): ** * NFT mortgage to borrow P2P model (Peer to Pool): lenders choose a collection that they agree to provide liquidity and then deposit ETH into that pool and receive incentives (interest). borrow, buy NFT at a discount). Borrowers mortgage NFTs and get loans. * Pine Now Pay Later (PNPL): a pretty good loan model, similar to the traditional home/car loan model. Want to buy NFT (hobby or investment…) but don’t have enough money right now? You can use the funds in your wallet + support from PINE to buy NFT and that NFT remains in your possession but becomes collateral in PINE. For example NFT A costs 10u, you only have 7u. A is supported by Pine PNPL, you will buy NFT A with 7u because Pine will lend you the remaining 3u. Now NFT A will be collateral in PINE until you pay back Pine, NFT will return to your wallet. => *Overall tokenomic design is good, good model, small cap, new release has not been pushed much, current price is new x1.5 compared to IDO * **Cross-chain array: ** **4. Stargate Finance (STG): ** * Cross chain project built on Omnichain. Using the infrastructure of Layer Zero, Stargate Finance builds liquidity – pools on the blockchains supported by the project, thereby forming a blockchain liquidity network that allows users to implement Defi protocols (transfer, pool, farm, etc.) stake) easily from that Blockchain’s Native Assets. => *This project is different from other crosschain projects when it is built on Omnichain, helping to increase scalability through bridging crosschain, one of the projects I consider to have the most potential when taking advantage of Layer Zero technology, the technology is being invested by a lot of big funds, this price is x3 times the ICO price => wait for a good time to enter the line.* **RWA array:** **5. Realio Finance (RIO):** * A project in the RWA segment, tokenizing real-world assets on Defi (especially securities), making it easier to access investment capital in Defi. * Realio will provide users with all services such as wallet, investment portal (where to buy and sell tokens and invest in projects), portfolio management (portfolio management), Insurance Portal (launch token creation projects) based on Realio technology) on a single platform (using app or web) * In which, RealioX is built as Decentralized Exchange, it has more on-chain and off-chain data of order book; The difference of RealioX from conventional centralized and decentralized, RealioX’s users can control their funds, the platform is securitized, no hacks and server downtime. Besides, Realio also proposes a reward for market maker on RealioX, 100% of the transaction fee from the “taker” will be paid to the “maker”. * In addition, Realio provides additional marketing campaigns for projects broadcast on the Realio platform. => *The model is quite good, especially in compliance with the law, the cap is very small, only about $ 2M, easy to push the price in the next season, especially RWA is considered an important segment in the crypto market.*

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