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Top reasons why users regret buying an iPhone

# **Top Reasons Users Regret Buying an iPhone** **It can be difficult for users to switch from Android to Apple phones for various reasons, especially if they are aware of the shortcomings to avoid regrets.** The first thing users need to know is that iPhone and Android are two generations of completely different operating systems. Also, many features may not be available on Apple phones, which causes some problems for Android phone users. As a result, some users recently shared online that after buying an iPhone, they start to regret it because it lacks some features. They even raise the question: Is it really worth buying an Apple iPhone just to take good photos? *Here are 6 reasons why netizens feel regret after spending money to buy iPhone:* 1. First, it is not possible to split work and personal accounts for WeChat on iPhone. People will need to bring two mobile phones when going out as dual WeChat cannot be opened. While it’s a great solution, is it really tedious? The most recent iPhone 14 series does not yet allow setting up two WeChat accounts on the same phone. The user must log out of the current account and then log in to the new account. Of course, this is usually a restriction for Chinese users. 2. Unlike Android phones, calls on iPhone cannot be recorded. 3. The reminder can only be adjusted to 9 minutes later, and the alarm clock cannot automatically skip the holidays. 4. NFC access control tags cannot be added. 5. Long screenshots are not allowed. Android phones now have this feature as standard. 6. Low fault tolerance and frequent restarts upon failure. However, the iPhone is still appreciated for certain practical functions and aesthetics, such as the mute button.



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