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> In today’s cryptocurrency market, thousands of virtual currencies exist, which makes it extremely important to stay informed about the latest developments in the field. Fortunately, there are many useful free research tools and websites to keep us up to date on trends and data in the Crypto market. In this article, I will give some useful tools and websites I use to research a project. **1, Token.Unlocks.App** If you want to check the token unlock schedule, everyone should use this tool. Tracking the token payment schedule not only helps you understand the specific time to receive the token to make an appropriate plan. We can also monitor the level and rate of inflation, the pressure of token sales, the reputation of the project… from there to find the reasonable entry of the projects we are really interested in. Especially, for new projects, checking tokenomics is extremely important because on the chart it is still new, there is nothing to analyze, looking at tokenomics can partially speculate on how the project’s price line will move. People can go to the website and type the name of the token they want to check. However, there will be some tokens that are not available, so it is advisable to combine and and some other websites. I will list below for you **Similar website: (** **2,** Next site is a website mainly about funds information, which projects are the funds pouring money into, the ROI rate when investing in a project of funds. This website also provides pricing in investment rounds, prices in previous rounds such as private, seed of a project (Figure 2). For me personally, Chainbroker provides more valuable information, but for tokenomics, it is still recommended to use *Token.Unlocks.App* **Similar website: **( ( **3, **CoinGlass is a Web tool specializing in statistical measurement of Futures indices (leveraged trading) such as Bitcoin Liquidations ,Bitcoin open interest, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, see the difference between Long and Short in a certain time… In addition, the website also updates many new data such as the rate of orders being liquidated in specific time frames. This is a useful tool for Traders specializing in Long Short. Also people can add the word “pro”(( at the back to see more information about the contract. BTC futures of CME (a world’s largest commodity and financial asset exchange). Normally, every time the CME exchange has a CME Gap, the market will follow a new trend (everyone should learn more about the CME Gap) **Similar website:** (https://www.cryptometer) .io/)( **4,** This is a website specializing in aggregating fundraising information of a project, its portfolio investment funds. Every time there is fundraising information about a new or old project, it is aggregated here. In addition, it also publishes investors who have invested in that project and displays categories to let people understand what the project is about. This website also helps to filter all projects calling for capital according to investment standards: what field the project is in, when to call for capital, how much to call… Everyone can customize according to their investment taste. In addition, this website also has a telegram bot that reports projects calling for capital, which can be quickly checked. ( **Similar website:** ( **5,** Watchers is an onchain checker website with some free, paid features that will see more advanced data, but I personally find the functionality The free feature is enough information for us, no need to spend money to buy anything. This website provides information about tokens running on the ETH chain and BNB chain. Including information about that token, view Whale’s holding portfolio, portfolio of large funds, which large funds are collecting tokens, the amount of tokens deposited on the exchange, the exchange’s deposit and withdrawal assets in the last 24 hours, according to track wallet addresses to transfer money to which addresses, .. in general, this is the most convenient free onchain check site. **Similar website: **( ( **6,** When it comes to watchers, it is impossible not to mention Debank, a hot tool recently. This is a website that helps people have all information about assets, buy and sell of a wallet. Everyone just needs to paste the wallet address they need to see the information, it has all. A nice feature of this website is that we can create a list of wallets to monitor, for example, if you are holding LDO, you find the Whale wallet address from Watchers and need to track it. Just paste that wallet address into Debank and then follow it ( can also do it, but Debank’s interface is more friendly and easy to use). In addition, Debank also raised capital quite high (25M $), so it is likely that it also has the ability to airdrop for users. **Similar website:** ( **7,**( )(https://dropstab. com/)DropsTab is a cryptocurrency market tracker for price, cap, chart, portfolio, analysis and many more functions… It is a project developed by ICODrops executive team. , one of the largest information sites about ICO. DropsTab allows users to track and research any cryptocurrency with different tools. Specifically: * With smart contract tracking, you can also track and add to your portfolio non-public tokens/coins * Check shared portfolios of successful traders other in the market * Search any token/coin at any stage * Track transactions Defi: Aggregate notifications of transactions, Swaps and liquidity pools in one tool. **Similar website:** ( **8,** Next is an information site of the standing team after a project. This is one of the most important factors, because the project team works hard, the devs work hard, the project can develop. The human factor comes first. The website provides Full-Time Developers (devs working Full-time) and Total Developers (total devs) to see how many devs work on a project. Statistics to see if anyone has left the project or not. If the project has an increase in the number of devs, it is likely that the project is still doing well, even expanding the development of the project further, if the project has a decreasing number of devs, the possibility of that project is having problems. financial topic. **Similar website: (** **( .com/)** **9,** If you don’t want to miss news or important crypto market events, you can use this website, website will continuously update important events so that everyone knows in advance to prepare, usually what it displays is events, technology updates, people can directly type the project name or the token/coin that I am interested to find a series of events of that project in the future. Click “Visit Source” to read the full event details. Although the websites I mentioned above, there are also websites, but what is specialized in only one area, it will be much more thorough and complete than the “mixed” web of everything. **Similar website:** ( **10,** DappRadar has become the leading Dapp store Today, with the introduction of familiar discovery activities from traditional applications into the cryptocurrency space with a combination of index analysis tools such as trading volume, price, daily active address, etc. date or number of transactions. Basically, Dapp Radar is quite similar to Defillama but each website has its own beauty, like Defillama mainly tracks money flow through chains and TVL, DappRadar mainly provides detailed information about Dapp running on It. **Similar website: **( ( ** *A few notes when using the above tools: *** – With some websites like checking onchain, you will need to connect to a personal wallet to use the full features, so to ensure the safety of your assets Please use your secondary wallet to connect. – Most of the websites I listed on the website will have projects that the website does not have or has not been updated, so it is advisable to find similar/competitive websites. – Should focus on using a few websites instead of using many websites because maybe because they have not been updated, the parameters of each website are different. The websites I listed above are the best in the same functional segment. – All of the above websites are information that anyone can know, so the most important thing is still the skill of information processing and stringing information together to give the insight you want. Therefore, the most important thing is to improve research skills. A “genuine” tool that you don’t know how to use or take advantage of is a waste.

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