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7 Best Location Tracker App | What app is similar to Zenly?

What tracker app similar to Zenly? Who used to use Google Maps to locate where our friends or lovers. If you are, please comment below to let us know. Indeed, before there were apps to locate friends, we were used to use that way. But it is not always usable and have many difficulties.

In addition, when mentioning the tracker app, we immediately remember the name Zenly right? Currently, Zenly is messing with rumors of deleting the app. So besides Zenly, do we have any other apps? Yes. Tech News will refer to 7 location tracker apps.

Find My Kids

Find My Kids newsdailytech

Busy parents who do not have time to pick up and drop off their children. Also do not have much time to control their kids. This is an app that makes parents more secure about their children. When parents and children install Find My Kids, the location app will have a notification feature on the parent’s phone.


  • Good location feature. Friendly interface, easy to use for both parents and children.
  • Capable of recording and transmitting audio. So parents will know the child’s surroundings. Who are you playing with, where are you, what are you doing, ..
  • The function of creating loud ringtones, helps to wake up children from afar. In case your child falls asleep in class.
  • Displays the child’s battery capacity. From there remind to charge the battery or know why the child is not answering the phone.
  • There is a live chat function. Help parents accompany and take better care of their children.


  • Not free. There is a monthly fee to use.
  • Network required to use. Weak network also can’t use
  • The road map of some places is wrong.
  • Children under 3 years old will not be able to use it because of the complicated operation.

Life 360

Life 360 newsdailytech

This is the family locator app that everyone should refer to. Life 360 will support us in sharing our location with loved ones, family, friends, helping to connect. Every time we go to a place of interest, the system will automatically notify the people we have accepted to share the location.


  • App is suitable for large family, from 4 members or more. Because installing the app is easy, sharing and connecting is fast. Each family will have a private map
  • Using GPS technology should position better than other technologies
  • There is support for group chat on private channel
  • View location history. Show location, km and means of use
  • Encourage safer driving with speed display.


  • Many customers have difficulty in setting a password
  • Need internet to use. Weak network can’t use
  • The app is often misplaced

Find My Friends

Find My Friends newsdailytech

Probably one of the oldest and well-known applications. The easy way to install and share location is a plus point for the app, in addition, the location announcement or the location change of the opponent is also an attractive factor of Find My Friends. You can share your location from any device, allowing you to choose the device you carry most.


  • Easy settings and location sharing
  • Relatively accurate positioning
  • Notify you when the enemy has a position change.
  • Can be used on a variety of devices from phones, desktops or tablets.
  • Good data sync


  • App for IOS, Mac, Ipad. Not for Android
  • Use English
  • Not functional diversity. The interface is quite logical, so it is not very interesting to use.


iSharing newsdailytech

Another app that does not need the network anymore. iSharing is a tracker app to track phone numbers. The app allows your family to stay in touch and stay connected. Whether networked or not, real-time location tracking is guaranteed.


  • Location app without network is still good to use
  • Notify you when relatives or friends come home, or are near
  • View history, look up easily when needed
  • Check the safety level while driving. Because the app allows to display speed, know when to brake urgently, go over speed, ..
  • Notify you immediately when a loved one or friend falls into an emergency


  • Too much ads


mSpy newsdailytech

As parents, we still have doubts and worries, both want to locate our children, and also want to be able to receive notifications of whether our children have come home and so on, this is the app that us would like to recommend to parents. In addition to parents, the tracker app is also suitable for couples in love. There will be no need to keep texting “have you gone home yet” have arrived yet


  • App popular with companies, used to track employees. With features to monitor messages, call logs, emails, web usage history, ..
  • Notify you when the other comes home or arrives at a certain location
  • Store history for 3 months. Look up easily
  • Capable of controlling and monitoring websites, including anonymous web, Messenger or similar applications, keyloggers, ..
  • Uninstall warning. You will receive a notification if you uninstall or have an intrusion device to promptly handle the situation


  • Paid apps
  • Popular with IOS, Mac. Android is difficult to use or has to be more complicated to operate.

Hope News Daily Tech’s informations will be useful to you!

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