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Trader missed the ship x25 times

**Trader closes and misses ship x25 times ** Yesterday the team discovered 1 trader from Top DEX Trader table who specializes in shitcoin hunting, but the win rate and PnL are not significant so they did not post. This trader 15h and 23h yesterday 20/7 bought $HAMS at $0.037 and $0.072. Late at night, the price was x3 and sold out at $0.3142. When the price returned to the $0.0527 – $0.15 zone, this trader took advantage of the bottom and sold out at the $0.18 → $0.3 zone. However, the price is now up to $0.9, all in less than 24 hours. 2 wallets of this trader: 0xf7b3e7e00f7b6d0e259ffb82f2d5a130dfd021f1 0x468259652a1aec2faefbd35cade60dc173fdba7d Token contract of $HAMS: 0x48c87cdacb6bb6bf6e5cd8470d Anyone who likes this subject should spend time training with a small budget. – There are many ways to use dashboard top DEX trader, this post is an example

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