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Trader Stages and Endless Loops

* Hi everyone, the other day I read Mr. Ryan’s article on the issue of playing Future. I also skimmed through the comments below your post and also have 2 different opinions on this issue. One is not to touch because touching is only lost and it’s like gambling, the other is for those who make money from Future, Future is like a lifeline to increase wealth quickly.* > – I I’m just a novice, I don’t dare to dance the ax through the workers’ eyes, but I would like to analyze this problem according to my personal opinion. For me Crypto is a financial game that we are the ones who spend money to play this game in the hope of making money from it. But not everyone achieves what they want to earn money. Every game will have good players, average players and bad players. If it’s a financial game, it’s a zero-sum game because the bad players’ money goes to the good players’ wallets. Indeed when you win a trade there is someone who loses a trade somewhere. This also explains why the Uptrend market is the time to make money because now there are many Newbers who are Newbers, they are players who lack knowledge and experience. – This also explains why most of the forerunners often advise newcomers not to stick to Future. Basically, it’s a financial game that requires money of course. But when it comes to money, it is often swept, bitter, lost. But what do newbies do that knows how to analyze, manage capital, and manage emotions. Even people who have been in the market for a long time are not sure how to manage themselves. I would like to introduce the stages that a trader will usually go through and from there you think about why there are winners and there are losers and most are losers. **- Stage 1:** *Newly entered the market – I will call it the Over-excited phase.* + Indeed: When you first entered the market, everything was very good, very good. actively from different sources such as friends, relatives, news channels, etc. And of course what you think is all pink. At this stage after a few positive orders, we often think of ourselves as good, thinking that the financial market is too easy to make money from it is very Ezz, simply buy low and sell high for profit. Whether you enter the market at an Uptrend or a Dowtrend, it is likely that you will go through this phase. Then comes phase 2. **- Stage 2:** *Bumped by the market – I call this stage the dark phase.* + After going through stage 1 with Over-excited and full of depression If you think positively in your mind, then phase 2 will also come: The stage of being beaten by the market. After a few green orders with the market, it’s time to receive a red order. I woke up early in the morning and saw the red order and in my head started thinking, it will return, then it’s green again, and of course, thinking like that, the eyes can’t move from the red and green chart. I myself started to look at the chart continuously, I also watched when I went to eat, I also watched when I pooped, I also watched when I slept, I also watched when I worked. The mind, the mind is focused on the red and blue chart. But then still received mail from brother CZ. + After losing streaks and surfing Fb, surfing Tiktop, you start to notice groups of rafter keys, knowledge groups and start looking in to see comments, ask for rafters, view knowledge sharing. After entering future rafter groups, if you are lucky, you can x2, x3 tk very quickly. But if you are unlucky, you will lose it all very quickly. Because when you are new, you basically do not understand capital management and order management, you simply enter the rafters and hit the max trap that the floor has given. + This stage is a period of extremely strong psychological torture, losing sleep because of losing orders, even dreaming of fire orders at night. And to understand more about losing orders, everyone will go through stage 3. **- Stage 3:** *Stage to regain morale, and start studying and researching the market.* + Stage You will often find yourself a technical analysis method such as BB, Macd, Ma, Ema, Ichimoku clouds… and you simply use it but don’t understand it, so there will be the trend of switching back and forth between the indicators. But then you will also burn, but this time maybe you have drawn something, and started thinking about having to manage orders again, manage capital…. But still no results sir. weak are still losing orders. This phase usually lasts 6 months to 1 year. **- Stage 4:** *Stage of self-doubt, doubt of the market.* + After a period of learning and using trading methods, people also start using strategies. proposed but still not much results, Lose / Win ratio is still positive, the account gradually declines. You start doubting the market, doubting yourself, doubting the rafter groups, starting to get bored…. + This phase is really difficult, your capital is almost exhausted through stages 1,2 and 3 above. Most people stop at these early stages. **- Stage 5:** *The stage of understanding the core problem – Practice flight time.* + Whoever gets to this stage must really be very persistent, have faith in themselves and the market. very big. + At this stage you will understand that there is no holy grail. Set rules for yourself and for trading orders. No longer being carried away by the price line, the analysis of the groups, the predecessors can already have their own judgments. No more putting too much emotion into a trade…. Got myself a trading method that I feel good about. This stage usually lasts 1-2 years and is a period of self-improvement and trading method. Or call it basically true flight time. This period is also profitable but still small, sometimes still bruised by the market. **- Stage 6:** *Emotionless and boring.* + I myself have not reached this stage so I don’t know how to explain it. When I get to this step, I will add it later. · I heard a sentence somewhere: “No one gets rich without financial leverage and not everyone who uses financial leverage is rich” – Think about this and understand it deeply. . – The writing is not good, the letters are not good, so there are mistakes, hope everyone understands. > – I wish you all the best on the path you have chosen. #MYG

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