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Trapped ‘reselling Blackpink tickets’ on Facebook

Believing the seller to resell Blackpink’s show tickets for 2 million VND, Kim Thu transferred the money to buy, but was immediately blocked from contacting. On the evening of July 8, Kim Thu, 23 years old in Hanoi, saw an advertisement on Blackpink’s concert ticket hunting group. Tickets at Cat 4, listed price of 1.8 million VND and ceded for 2 million VND. “I think people who have just booked tickets have sold them at a cheaper price than scams, so they should accept to pay a little higher for peace of mind,” Thu said. The exchange is done by both parties via Messenger. Minutes after sending a photo of the successful transfer, she was blocked by the seller. Before blocking, this person also said that the Cat 4 position “has increased in price, not two million dong”. Similar to Thu, on groups specializing in buying and selling Blackpink show tickets in Vietnam, some people said that they lost money when buying tickets online. In many groups, administrators must pin a warning post about this situation. Loan Dao, administrator of a ticket exchange group, said that the sale and purchase took place immediately after the first day of sale on July 7. “There are many people who use the excuse to be busy, unable to go, buy by mistake, buy too much, so they sell. This is also normal, but bad guys can also use this excuse to find victims,” ​​she said. Like other forms of online fraud, users after transferring money are often blocked from contacting and having difficulty in getting their money back. On the morning of July 9, the Anti-Scam project also warned of scams related to the Blackpink show. In addition to transferring money and then blocking contact, some people also sell hardcopy tickets, receive deposits to buy tickets online, impersonating the organizers to call for sponsorship. According to experts, these scenarios are not new, crooks often take advantage of events that are of great interest to many people to perform. “Users should be careful when buying tickets to buy tickets on websites, fanpages, groups or individuals because the origin is unknown, cannot be authenticated, it is necessary to carefully find out information from the organizers”, Mr. Ngo Minh Hieu, anti-fraud founder, said. Meanwhile, Loan Dao said that buyers can ask the seller to take a screenshot of a successful ticket booking, and also provide a photo of the identity document and the owner’s phone number for verification before the transaction. She also advised her team members to wait a few more days for the market to stabilize. In addition to the traps related to ticket redemption, the official ticketing unit, Ticketbox, also warns about the fake status of the company’s website and fanpage. For example, a website using the domain name “.tv” has an identical look and feel to the real page, enticing buyers to place an order, enter personal information and transfer money to buy a “fake” ticket. Previously, Blackpink’s concert in Vietnam was also requested by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism ( -luoi-bo-tren-website-4626075.html) verifying the suspicion that the company organized the IME in favor of the illegal “cow’s tongue line”. This company’s website is currently not accessible from Vietnam. The IME representative then said that the protested image was taken from the joint website of regional offices in Asia, not the Vietnamese company’s website. Meanwhile, on social networks, many people have taken pictures and called to oppose the company and boycott the show.



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