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TIME AND MIND TO JOIN SHITCOIN AND MEMECOIN IMPORTANT. The market for memecoins and shitcoins is big risk but great opportunity to increase wealth. If anyone participates in investing in dowtrend 2018 and 2022 like me, their assets will be blown away very quickly +1st time: August 2018 when they first joined the market to buy doge and then sell and buy XP coins (game coin) Japanese exchange coinexchange) then lost all capital. => The first thinking mistake appeared then: Considering shitcoins and memecoins as trash, shouldn’t invest and should only focus on large-cap tech coins => Miss the wave of memecoins and game coins in 2020 and 2021 because I think it’s garbage +2nd time: November 2021 after realizing the mistake of missing the wave of memecoins and shitcoins despite knowing those coins early on and the million dollar goal not yet reached. Rushing to speed up the bet to x4 assets in 1 month to reach the goal, all assets in shitcoin and memecoins are gfloki , stars , lime right and split 5 assets after 2 months, finally have to cut hole. => The second misconception appears: Hastily broke the discipline and at the wrong time Summary: 1/ Memecoins and shitcoins are a potential trend and an indispensable niche for the development of the market. It helps to attract a larger and faster community. So the attitude must take it seriously like other trends. And currently the market capitalization of meme according to coinecko’s statistics is also very large, about 18 billion dollars more than many other technology ecosystems. 2/ Join memecoin and shitcoin investment at the time of uptrend when many new people and a lot of money pour in, no need to wave in the middle of the wave, the profit is also huge. Do not allin assets but evenly distribute coins from a few tens to several hundred dollars each. 3/ Choose coins based on kols and celebrity shill information on social networks like twitter, fb, tiktok. Check out that coin that has a lot of people talking about it on social media and many followers homepage. Market capitalization from 10m or less. Of course 10 children will stick to 3 to 4 scams, but uptrend is also gold, if only a few of them are real, change positions immediately. X2 original pegs depending on the target of each peg. 4/ Don’t hesitate to evaluate scam in a hurry when uptrend just need shitcoin and memecoin to meet the criteria: the online community prompts a lot, many followers, or celebrities, kols shill, throw up your sandals right away. 10 children but 5 dead still win. (This lesson a friend of mine has successfully shared with trend meme) =>>At this time, select new meme coins that have famous people and the community remind a lot of notes and follow-ups. Wait for the uptrend, then allocate capital. As for when to uptrend, please refer to admin prosperity and other famous kols sources. =>>Absolutely not all in shitcoin memecoin in a few dozen to a few hundred dollars, but the profit will be huge and it won’t affect much. =>>List of memecoins you are following you can refer to: Dc , bonk , floki , babydoge, the,die,vinu,elon,tama,arbinu,hosky,woof,people,polydoge . There are also many shiba coins waiting to be added to the list. Hopefully the article will help people have a new look at meme and shitcoin trends and help everyone. Wish you success

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