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Trick to upgrade images on Galaxy phones that few people know

## **Here are the steps to help Galaxy phone users instantly improve any photo.** Knowing how to edit images on phone will be the easiest way for users to own outstanding images. Currently, owners of high-end Galaxy S23 Ultra, mid-range Galaxy A53 or any model (smartphone)( (Samsung)(https:/ / can easily retouch images with just a few taps. This simple trick will instantly improve the look of any photo, including GIFs, by removing shadows and reflections from the background or smoothing the skin. The ability to edit photos has been included in Samsung phones since One UI version 5.1 – which first appeared on the Galaxy S23 series. Any Samsung phone or tablet running UI 5.0 or later can use this image enhancement feature. Here are 3 steps to upgrade pictures on Samsung phones: **1. Open the image and tap Remaster picture** Open the Gallery app and tap on the photo or GIF the user wants to edit. Next, tap the three dots in the bottom right corner, then tap Remaster picture. **2. Preview the changes with the slider** Little known Galaxy image enhancement trick – 3 After “Remastering picture…” appears for a few seconds, the user will see a preview of the photo or Refreshed GIFs. The user can view the changes by sliding the bar left and right to see the original file and the revised version. **3. Share or save the edited GIF image** Next, users will have three options: Click Share – Share to share immediately; click Save – Save to save the file; Tap Add – Add, then select Save as Copy – Save as Copy to save the file as a copy, which will also keep the original image. With this operation, users can easily share many beautiful photos on social networks: Instagram, Messenger or WhatsA



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