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Trouble buying spam calls

Ngoc Anh, 32 years old, constantly received spam calls to replace the water filter core, so he “succeeded next” to give the address of the ward police station. Ngoc Anh (Hanoi) said the caller claiming to be “from the general distribution warehouse”, said her house’s water purifier was due for maintenance. I know (impersonated call)(, but she is still free, so she still normal conversation, appointment at 3pm to replace the core, but the address she gave is the ward police headquarters. Trong An also received the same call to replace the filter. “After the exchange, I read the address at 8 Trau Quy, Gia Lam. In the afternoon, someone called and said to search all over Trau Quy Street but couldn’t find number 8. After checking, I found that I had misread the address of the Mental Hospital. the god Trau Quy”, he said. However, some people also have trouble buying time, wasting the time of the party making the spam call. “I was just joking, but a week later I was constantly harassed by a series of calls, regardless of noon or midnight,” Ngoc Anh said. Similarly, Huy Tuan (HCMC) said he was often bothered by the group calling himself “Da Nang police, reporting a ticket for speeding”. “I pretended to follow the instructions, asked them to explain in detail, step by step. After more than 20 minutes, I said I was busy, no more joking,” Tuan said. Soon after, he received three calls in a row cursing, threatening to post on social networks to terrorize the phone number. In a survey of *VnExpress *from* *on July 6, 89% of more than 5.5 thousand readers said that they had also been (insulted, threatened)( /bi-xuc-pham-de-download-when-listening-call-rac-4625723.html) when listening to spam calls. Most say spam calls happen with increasing frequency, forcing them to adapt to the problem. Many people said that they also politely replied “no need” at first when invited, but the frequency of spam calls was so high that they reacted in an extreme way. “What number they call, I block that number, every time I listen to the ad, I block it. The list is long but still annoying, it doesn’t work because it’s a different number every time,” Ngoc Minh, 26 years old, employee office, said. According to experts of the Anti-Phishing project, users should not interact with spam calls. They should hang up the call to avoid wasting time or being offended like above. This also helps them reduce their exposure to bad actors, limit the risk of being lured into fraud groups, psychological manipulation, financial damage and personal data. In the summary meeting on July 5, the Ministry of Information and Communications said that it had recorded the situation of mobile subscribers being offended when listening to spam calls. The ministry is focusing on handling garbage sims – sims that use other people’s information to register. The status of the sim card is not genuine is one of the reasons leading to the increase in advertising calls, scams, and threats to users over the past time.



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