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**Troy Network completely transformed into Troywar (Game) product – Empire is being formed in the new windy Gamefi village, maybe it can become a strong growth asset in the future.** **1. Overview** **Troy Network- The blockchain** initial product towards DeFi suite of products that bring convenience to users, ranging from Trading, Swap, profit making options from centralized & decentralized finance centralization (DeFi & CeFi), Staking, etc. The outstanding products of Troy Network in the past include: **Liquid Aggregator: **Troy will aggregate liquidity not only on decentralized exchanges (**DEX****) ), but also on centralized exchanges (**CEX**), making it possible for users to trade with high liquidity and low slippage (**Slippage**): * DEX: Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, … * CEX: Binance, Okex, Huobi,… **Flexible Earn: **This feature will help users to make profit while keeping tokens, that is Yield Farming, Saving,… **Quant Strategies: * *Troy will offer a wide range of quantitative trading strategies, including trend tracking and arbitrage, to investors. **Data Analytics: **Includes a lot of data so that users can make more accurate trading decisions through it. These data are diverse, such as Transaction Volume, GrayScale BTC quantity, etc. **2. Team and backers** Troy Network received investment from: Block VC, NGC Capital, Signum Capital, Consensus Lab, etc. and launchedpad on Binance, so the team’s prestige is undisputed **3. Keeping up with the trend to innovate and some positive aspects from the project** * Realizing that the product on Troy is not currently attractive to Usercase, the Troy team has completely changed their blood by launching Gamefi products Blockchain with the name “TroyWar” * Troywar product now has an application on Android * Troy project Twitter main page continuously calls for the community of international KOLs and VCS => for the purpose of long-distance marketing and waiting waiting for the opportunity to return gamefi * Will history go back to Launchpad Binance continues to list Trend money into gamefi * Current MCAP is 20M, onchain, Binance Hold wallet holds 99% of total supply => there are signs CZ wants to do trend * Troy Token products are used to burn directly to upgrade squads, towers, troops and pvp pve according to Medium, later will pay directly in $Troy and open BOX will be burned $Troy directly => product Going long way if more and more usercases enter the game, the token supply will be exhausted and conditions will go up. This is a good form of TOKEN ecosystem **4. Forecast** * Current market capitalization around 20M$ and cumulative chart on monthly and yearly frames => there may be opportunities to accumulate assets for long-term investors. * Having a close connection with many game media parties * Currently, after 2 months of playing the game since the launch date, I conclude that the current TROY price is quite cheap, everyone should buy a team to play the game rather than work. hold Troy, projecting a rare team will be difficult and worth the money if later gamefi comes back strong **5. About how to play Troywar for newbies and all the ways to invest (most economical) to overcome the Map from EASY to HARD without spending a lot of resources** Newbies: don’t buy Mystery Box (cost 1000-2000 Troy) due to the fact that it is full of junk of level I rarity products. In the game the rarities from I, II and III will be stuck on the map very soon and cannot be earned. I spent a lot of time and money to open the Box which is really expensive, if you use Towers I, II and III to open and upgrade to IV (including burning towers and up stars) it costs about 150k – 200k $Troy so you If you want to invest, just buy Level IV Tower directly on Marketplace for cheap (about 120k) In the game mode there are 6 types of towers. The optimal formation for you to overcome the tower is to buy 3 Anti Air Tower + 3 FireTower + the rest of the towers need 1-2 level IV towers to be enough (the tower type supports attack speed and strength). The reason why in the Map of high difficulty, soldiers constantly appear many flying troops and monsters (requires Anti Air Tower to play) and these 2 towers are the main dame in the game. There are also auxiliary skills you can buy and use forever, the game plays very well!!! Time: Long-term hold 1-3 years for the next cycle Expected ROI 20X feasible Risks: General market fluctuations, project risks Wishing you a new year, you can accumulate and increase assets for the upcoming period next.

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