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Truth about the Crypto market that no one tells you.

**first. In the crypto market it takes 2-3 years for the sharks to create a new game.** -The crypto market is very new since 2009 and first peaked in 2013 and gradually declined for the sharks to collect. then in 2017 when sharks created a new game **lending, ICO**, houses bought BTC and ETH at that time BTC peaked at 20k. Then there was a recession and the sharks gathered to create a new game for 2021, **GAMEFI, MOVETOEARN ** and now the BTC price is 69k. **2. Futures is not as simple as you think.** – You see brothers and sisters bragging about futures on the internet, on groups showing off their profits from a few tens of percent, a few hundred percent, or a few thousand percent of a few tens of millions to several tens of millions. garlic. You don’t know how many times people have burned their accounts in order to have such a profit or they just show the percentage to lure you into the fee-paying rooms or selling the course. I also trade futures myself, but futuress are not simply technical or technical indicators where psychology and capital and risk management are important, Futures is not as rosy as you think. where . Ryan’s advice is that newbies don’t stick and futures is right, sticking is addicting but addiction is bad. **3. Getting rich takes time and investment or speculation also takes time and knowledge, experience and experience.** – The first time to enter the market at the right time of uptrend when the feeling of FOMO was felt everywhere. I see talk about BTC about to make a new peak…. good news everywhere I also learn and buy coins, then join ICO, IDO enough now you buy anything and make profit, whatever you do, feel like making money in the market. This school is so easy, like when the hand of King MIdas touches it, it’s gold from a few tens of millions to a few hundred million and then I want to get some garlic, but at that time I didn’t know that it was a trap that sharks set up to create a manic mentality. Chatting for the crowd is also when the sharks take profits. After the collapse of BTC, now everything before is gone and negative even in the money that I had before. At that time, I seriously looked back at myself to see what the reason I lost money, but invested in myself more knowledge and experience, experience in the BEAR season and I knew that the next BULL season is the time. that I make money so that the account can grow strongly. Understanding where the problem is will help you get rid of the investment or speculative mentality, less pressure and more confident in yourself. ** 4. There is no method or indicator that works all the time and the crowd always loses money, money just goes to sharks or people who know how to swim with sharks.** – Have you heard about it? There are many methods like Price action, Wyckoff VSA or indicators like RSI, MACD, MA10, MA20…. but no method or indicator is accurate all the time, no one method is the perfect holy grail. , like a few days ago after the FTX case, the price of BTC was 16k, everyone thought the price was about 10k-12k but the shark pumped to a peak of 500M$ and pumped in the 18k segment to 20k and then to 25k2 there were many STL brothers and sisters. and so am I. Cases like that do not have any method or only one can predict 500M$ falling from the sky and pouring into the market at the time of FTX bankruptcy. Depending on the time, each method and indicator has its own advantages, do not deify and learn and find the method that is right for you. **5. Prediction does not make you money, only discipline and capital management will help you survive in the market.** – Many of you believe that KOLs predict when BTC price is 50k, 60k tells to go up to 100k. then I have to cut my losses and listen to the KOLs shout and wait for BTC to return to 30k I will buy but when I return to 30k I will wait for 20k and when I return to 20k I wait for 10k when the price goes back to 15k I don’t dare to buy and then the price flies again sorry to buy fomo swinging to the top . This lesson is still the same over the years, but only one litter of chickens comes in. Because everyone who enters this market is a chicken, no one can enter and receive billions of dollars like Buffet or LIvermore, but they have to be trained chickens to fight chickens. The current price is 24k, I have to have a plan when I increase 16k what do I do but 40k what do I do.z **6. News is the tool of sharks, be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy.** – The latest news is that SVB went bankrupt or before that FTX, BTC price has pumped 1 circuit since 16k to 25k2 and dumped 1 circuit from 25k2 to 20k I still remember the day before the news that SVB went bankrupt, the dump price from 22k5 had to go down to 20k. At this point, it must be understood that the sharks collect goods from the 16k segment and gradually discharge over the 25k2 area and then gradually discharge to the 20k segment. Anyone who is observant will notice the volume of discharge is so strong but it was absorbed quickly and then pumped 1 circuit from 20k to 26k7 within 3 days after news that the Fed pumped money to help banks go bankrupt. This case is sure many AEs earn dc. **7. Technical analysis helps to find good buying and selling points, but it is important to allocate capital and potential projects. ** – The most recent two men, OP and APT, have 2 famous MMs behind the wheel driving the price for Ae to eat so much that I closed APT $ 8.7. Then the question of how important capital allocation is, just ask longtime traders and they will know and the projects that can grow are usually new projects that have not been pumped too hard like LQTY, HOOK, GMX, GMD .. .. and top coins like BTC, ETH, BNB also hold. ** The story is long, thank you for reading the article, if you find it interesting, please like, tym and comment to help me know so I can post P2**

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