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Should businesses turn off advertising during Tet?

On the Tet holiday, most business activities stop, and businesses also tend to reduce or “turn off advertising” during Tet.
However, the Tet holiday is an ideal time for advertising activities because of these reasons:
First, Tet advertising price is only 1/2 or 1/3 of a normal day: Because many businesses face difficulties in the stages of goods import, transportation, distribution, and holiday staff, they often cut advertising budgets. Ads don’t have much competition, causing bids to drop.
Second, customers have a lot of time to learn about products/services: During Tet, customers are relatively free, and they have time to surf the net, learn about products, and shop after the end of Tet.
Last but not least, customers’ shopping demand gradually recovers: The New Year is the time when people want to renew themselves, and the demand for shopping increases. This is an opportunity for businesses to run gratitude programs and lucky money at the beginning of the year to stimulate demand.
In general, the Tet holiday is an ideal time for businesses to take advantage of running ads to get the first orders in the new year, but many businesses want to save advertising resources for other times. The better score of the year.
How about you, do you want to cut advertising costs, to accept the opportunity to reach customers for your competitors?



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