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Twitter officially changed the blue bird icon to ‘X’

**Billionaire Elon Musk has brought a whole new look to Twitter, he officially changed the “brand identity” blue bird icon to the letter X. Marking the most drastic change of Twitter since Elon Musk officially acquired this social networking platform last year.** Current CEO of Twitter – Linda Yaccarino also announced the new Twitter logo in black and white with an image on Sunday. A day after the announcement, the blue bird icon was officially “usurped”. Yaccarino also wrote on her personal Twitter: “This is a special rare thing, in life or at work you always get a second chance to do something special” and “Twitter will make an impression and change the way we communicate”. Billionaire Elon Musk is also said to have announced the logo change to the company’s employees the night before officially announcing the new logo. He also said that this will be the last email sent from the Twitter email address. The sudden icon change comes a few weeks after Meta officially launched Threads. This change is not surprising because Musk is said to like the letter X very much. In April, Twitter company officially merged into X Corp – the company founded and owned by Musk, this is seen as an ambition to create a “super app” like Musk’s WeChat. Other Elon Musk companies also have an X in their name, such as SpaceX and PayPal (Musk previously founded this company with the domain in 1999). This icon change is also considered a mark of Elon Musk’s own on Twitter. Currently, if a user visits the domain, they will be redirected to



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