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Two familiar buttons on iPhone are about to disappear

# **Two familiar buttons on the iPhone are about to disappear** **Continued rumors that Apple will remove the physical mechanism for the silent mode switch and volume control on the iPhone generation next.** According to *Gizmodo*, nothing is certain about the iPhone 15 generation until Apple announces it later this year. However, the recent consecutive rumors may offer hope of a drastic change. One of them is the fact that the iPhone 15 Pro ditches 2 familiar mechanical buttons, which have existed since the first iPhone generation. On March 20, the *ShrimpApplePro* Twitter account, a source that often reveals details about Apple’s upcoming products early, shared a short video that went live on Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok. Video introduces CAD design with rumored details of iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max: replacing mechanical buttons and levers with solid-state buttons. They are called “taptic” because they provide haptic feedback when the user’s finger touches it. The drawing shows a touch bar, which appears in the correct position of the volume up / down button on the left edge of the current iPhone. The famous silent mode switch of Apple-branded smartphones can also use the same method. Up to this point, rumors about the iPhone 15 series claim that there are 4 different versions, similar to its predecessor. However, only iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max switched to using taptic feedback touch buttons, the other two versions still keep the old feature. According to *Gizmodo*, if this information is correct, Apple will continue to widen the gap between the Pro series and the basic line. Thanks to limited physical details, the device is also more durable than its predecessor, which Apple did with the Apple Watch Ultra. Not long ago, *ShrimpApplePro* suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will have titanium frames instead of steel like the previous generation Pro lines. This rumor also coincides with information from Jeff Pu, a technology market analyst at Haitong International Securities – an investment fund based in Hong Kong (China).



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