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Understanding Wykoff’s Internal and External Forces- VSA.

Referring to tycoon Soros once knocked down the British Pound and the Thai Bath. There is 1 question. Between Internal and External, which is more important to help develop, and which is more dangerous if weakened? => Internal force is more important than external force. Self-cultivation -> Qi family -> Rule the country -> Peace of the world. The Soros wave destroyed the Thai Baht and British Pound. Because at that time the rate of the pound was too high, there was a risk of breaking the rut. Thai Bath also v, at that time also suffered from unstable exchange rate. It only takes a small external force to break. A tycoon, no matter how strong, can easily break the economy of a country. In the Sam FTX wave, it was inherently weak in Cash Flow, CZ had a slight impact and was broken. Bth is not easily crashed. Even at CT. We see that the main thing is to unite and stabilize the team first. Rui is talking about growing out. But the inside is already unstable, just expanding the scale to call for more outsiders is ruined. In Wykoff- VSA looks at Supply-Demand Force through observing Candles and Volume. The first rule to learn is: “If you want to pump, the number 1 condition must be Can’t Sell, the buying force just needs to be light to pump. If you want to crash, the number 1 condition is to Can’t Buy, the selling force is light. collapse”.

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