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Unfriend because of ‘highlight’ comment on Facebook

Ngoc Anh said that every time she receives a “highlighted” comment notification, she immediately clicks to unfriend that person without reading the content. “Consider this as a way to manually filter the list of friends, because maybe they know this message is annoying but still use it,” Ngoc Anh (Bac Giang) said. Not only Anh, many people reported that one day they received dozens of similar notices on (Facebook)( from people in the friends list, even though they never or rarely interact. “Highlight” is a new feature appearing on this platform in Vietnam and is gradually being tested on accounts of a certain number of users. When they click @highlight in a comment, all their friends will get a notification that this person “highlighted a comment for you to check out”. Since mid-May, the feature has been increasingly used by more people, causing mixed reactions. “I think this is a good way for people to interact more with each other. When my store has a discount program, it is also known to many people,” said Huyen My, owner of a beauty shop in Thanh Hoa. My said that she sometimes receives similar notifications from other people, even though she clicks on just a new profile picture. “But at least it helps me remember the friends I haven’t interacted with for a long time. If it’s irrelevant, ignore it, not upset,” she said. Meanwhile, Nguyen Uyen (Hanoi) considers this the most annoying feature of Facebook, along with the name prompt “(everyone)( -nhac-ten-moi-people-cua-facebook-4599644.html)” in groups. “If to connect, then I think this is a failed tool. It only makes people uncomfortable about each other,” Uyen commented. Or buy online on Facebook, she often makes friends with many sellers and becomes a victim when receiving “highlighting storms” every day. Uyen also tried to use this feature, but then received negative feedback, so she did not dare to continue. According to Google Trends statistics, the number of searches related to the keyword “highlight Facebook” increased sharply in May. Many people also searched about how to use or how to turn off the “highlight” notification. On Facebook, the phrase is popping up a lot in posts and comments, mostly criticizing Facebook’s feature as offensive. According to Duc Hai, who works in online advertising, Facebook may be testing a new way to help users connect and interact more with each other. Previously, to do this, they had to manually tag friends, but now Facebook makes this simple with just one keyword. “In terms of ideas, this will be very useful for those who need to interact or want to share information with many people. But if used, it will cause discomfort to others”, Mr. Hai said. Facebook’s settings do not yet have a filter for “highlighted” notifications. However, users can go to *Settings & privacy > Settings > Notifications > Tags* and choose to only receive notifications when tagged by friends, then turn off notifications about *Bulk Reminders* .



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