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Unique idea iPhone Vision with dual screen

# **Unique concept iPhone Vision with dual screen** **For those who are looking forward to a groundbreaking iPhone design, the iPhone Vision concept was created by the new designer Antonio De Rosa This really takes the product to the next level.** According to *BGR*, the iPhone Vision idea that designer De Rosa came up with is not a folding screen model, it is directly linked to the “machine” spatial computing” Vision Pro that Apple recently announced. It also offers a look that resembles the combination of the original iPhone and the iPhone X, which is worth paying attention to when the company wants to create a more innovative product in the future. iPhone Vision features an all-screen design, in which the curved edges are “waterfall”. Curved screen edges are probably the worst part of it, as a phone with curved edges is more prone to accidental damage. However, the symmetrical curvature of the front and back will make it easier for users to hold than real-life iPhones with flat surfaces. What’s more interesting is that the Liquid Lens camera on the back is used to replace the main and ultra-wide cameras. This concept also has a secondary periscope lens for better zoom. The rear has two other unique design elements. First, the secondary display provides quick access to notifications when the phone is face down on a table – a handy feature for many users, especially when the camera cluster protrudes. Second, the designer has placed an extra edge at the bottom of the back to balance with the upper part, helping to place the iPhone flatter when lying on its back, and it also takes on the task of supporting spatial sound. The designer imagines this phone to run on the same chip as the Vision Pro space computer: M2 and R1, where R1 handles all sensor input on the Vision Pro and may not be needed on the iPhone. But if Liquid Lens allows users to take 3D photos and videos like the Vision, the device may need the R1 chip. As for the M2, this chip may not be effective for iPhone batteries. Other details of the iPhone Vision include USB-C connectivity and 30W MagSafe charging. Also, the phone seems to have solid-state buttons and the power button has been moved to the top of the screen. Finally, there is no SIM card on this phone as Apple has switched to eSIM. The designer also imagined a price tag for the iPhone Vision. The phone will start at $1,599, which is more expensive than the expected starting price for the iPhone 15 Pro Max of $1,299. Apple is said to be developing a high-end iPhone model called iPhone Ultra in the future and the iPhone Vision idea seems to be that product.



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