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Unique little-known trick on iPhone: Turn the spacebar into a touchpad like on a computer

# ** Unique little-known trick on iPhone: Turn the spacebar into a touchpad like on a computer** From deleting wrong numbers on the Calculator app to turning the spacebar into a trackpad, here are the tricks little-known technique on iPhone. iPhone has a series of tricks to help users use more convenient. Each update or device has different hidden tricks that few people know about. **first. Remove wrong numbers on calculator app** Most iPhone users will feel annoyed having to re-enter digits in calculator app after accidentally pressing the wrong number, but few people know that they don’t have to go to waste press each number again to correct the error. If you enter the wrong number in the calculator app, simply swipe left or right on the wrong number to remove the digit you entered incorrectly. You can do this trick as many times as you like until the numeric display returns to 0. **2. Scroll to the top** If you are viewing lengthy articles on the web or scrolling down through a series of categories or shopping pages, scrolling back to the top by repeatedly swiping your thumb takes a lot of effort. But Apple has thought for users in this smallest detail. Simply tap the status bar at the top of the ‌iPhone‌ screen – the clock or battery area, and it will quickly return you to where you started. This trick works with browsers like Safari and Chrome, as well as in apps in general. However, if you are using the Dynamic Island feature on your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, the operation will not be available while Dynamic Island is active. **3. Turn the spacebar into a trackpad** Did you know iPhone has a hidden trackpad? It is located below the keyboard and can be activated by pressing and holding the spacebar. Thanks to this virtual mouse, you won’t have to awkwardly click between words and letters to correct mistakes, but instead, drag and swipe through text to select words from the comfort of your keyboard. In addition, touching the trackpad with another finger will allow the user to highlight text for copying. **4. No need to switch to the numeric keypad** The next trick will only save you about a second each time you use it, but it really brings a lot more convenience when you have to do complicated operations or type on the keyboard. Session between numbers and letters many times. When typing on your iPhone’s keyboard, you’re probably used to manually switching to the numeric keypad when you want to enter numbers. But did you know that the transition between the alphanumeric keyboard has been assigned by Apple with a super-fast trick. Instead of tapping the ‘123’ tab in the bottom left corner of the keyboard, hold it and drag your finger to the number or symbol you want to type. When you let go, the keyboard automatically reverts to the alphabetical layout, saving you a few clicks in the process. Admittedly, the trick is a bit tricky at first – but with practice, it’ll make you feel like an iPhone master. **5. Say goodbye to app rating reminders** We’ve all been annoyed by the frequent “rate app” prompts that pop up when opening an app. But luckily, iOS has a useful setting to get rid of them forever. Go to Settings, scroll down to the App Store, and uncheck In-App Ratings & Reviews. From there, you will no longer receive review requests after each use of a certain application. **6. Batch delete web pages** We all often leave too many tabs in the Safari app, causing the browser to experience slow, jerky, laggy. In the bottom right corner of Safari, there is an icon of two interlocking squares. Clicking here will show open tabs. Clicking once will show all open tabs, but long-pressing that icon will bring up a menu that contains an option to clear all open tabs in one click.



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