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Unity launches AI exchange to help game developers

**Unity – the real-time 3D content creation and development platform (RT3D) has just launched a dedicated AI trading platform in the Unity AssetStore, featuring carefully curated solutions to accelerate game development and improve gameplay with AI.** With the launch of Unity Sentis and Unity Muse, two new AI platforms from Unity, developers can access and start creating with a wide range of AI tools, from Professional-quality Unity certified solutions, to community-built solutions and potential AI technologies for game development. Ralph Hauwert, Vice President & CEO, Unity Runtime, Editor and Ecosystems shared: “We know that AI will continue to have a strong impact on the gaming industry and see developers in demand. With the new AI exchange in the Unity Asset Store, creators not only can more easily access AI solutions, but can also choose the right solution for their needs. Unity is committed to finding and providing the best AI tools that deliver instant value to creators. We create a reputable AI trading space to help developers. effectively harness the power of AI in game development right from the Unity Editor.” The solutions in AI Hub have a lot of features, including: – Generating AI solutions – allowing developers to create assets for their projects – AI/ML integration solutions – improving the creative process or connect the project with services from an AI provider – Behavioral AI Solutions – allowing developers to create behavior for the in-game world, from enemy pathfinding and logic to enemy response. NPC. In addition, Layer AI game makers can upload their creative content and create a wealth of assets with just a few clicks – all completely in their own art style. At the same time, developers can unleash their creativity with LMNT’s AI Speech, a tool with vivid voice acting, realistic character creation, and unlimited playback.



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