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Update the latest information on OPTIMISM’s Unlock Token situation this time.

**Optimism does this unlocking through many intermediary wallets, making it very difficult for people to check. Check out the latest news that our team tracked below ** 2 hours ago, a wallet address (0x3a7) sent 100 million $OP to Coinbase. More than 20 different wallets participated in the process of transferring tokens to wallet (0x3a7) to accumulate 100 million $OP and transfer to Coinbase. These wallets all originate from a wallet containing 346M $OP created nearly 1 year ago (this salary is very close to the token number of this unlock is 386M $OP) The information above my team is available thanks to Dashboard on Dune to track the number of OPs going in and out of the top 500 $OP holders. AE can monitor Dashboard at the link below **( /optimism-top-holders-with-detailed-balance-change)** Link diagram of OP distribution image for AE to easily follow **( -4a8e-b43d-2742b756b894)( This allocation CoinbaseM $** Currently to different wallet addresses. AE can track the next actions from Coinbase wallet (this wallet is in the Dune Dashboard link above) How do you think the $OP price will react after Team + Investor receives enough tokens in this unlock?

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