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Update zkSync airdrop. Overview of the zkSync ecosystem and time to make the fee as low as possible

Hi everyone, it’s been 2 weeks since I made a post and video to guide everyone to do Airdrop of the zkSync project. Tutorial post link: Tutorial video link: do it or not? I think the fee is still a bit high, so everyone with < 50$ should wait for another 12 weeks. Or you can do one or two trading orders in a month to meet the criteria of having monthly transactions. For those of you who do, here are some feelings about the fee, each of my orders is around $ 400 and the fee is around 1.x-2.x$ per transaction, and zkSync has a special refund. fee, for each transaction I get a refund of ~1.x$ (Depending on the transaction). The payer will each trade with a volume of 400$, you will lose about 0.x-1.x$. Everyone can consider to do. There are some of you who choose to both hunt and do the airdrop, so pay attention to the tax and research the project carefully About the time: I feel that at 4am will be the cheapest time of the day. In Asia, some countries like China are sleeping at 3 o'clock, and Japan is about to go to work at 6 o'clock. Europe is around the time to get off work, eat and take a lunch break. Everyone who wants a cheap fee can wake up early. # **Update about zkSync** When I worked on zkSync, TVL was only 10M$ but now it has surpassed 100M$. After only 2 weeks, this number is impressive. With a new ecosystem, DeFi is the first place where the money flows, you can go to see zkSync's ecosystem has about 25 projects, there are 17 projects doing DeFi. The competition between these projects is huge but if everyone finds a native DEX of the system it will most likely lead the cash flow of zkSync and that is x100. In addition, these Native DEXs are also allocated a large amount of tokens during the Airdrop, you can take a look at Arbitrum's Airdrop token allocation: htmlview Check the zkSync ecosystem here: You can refer to some of the DEXs below to interact regularly or buy: **1/ SyncSwap** **(TVL $41.59M )** (No token yet, token will be confirmed) - One of the major Native Dex of zkSync system with the current top1 position in TVL. - Instructions on how to receive SyncSwap Airdrop: **2/ Mute .io (TVL 15M$) (Token issued) **- DeFi Protocol About AMM can be said to be the first of the system - Top 3 TVL - $MUTE cap is currently hovering at 40M$, $MUTE can be used to increase LP, and revenue of the platform for MUTE holders, etc. **3 / Velocore (TVL 25M$) (Token available)** - ve(3,3) The first DEX on the system - TVL is in the top 1 - Velocore wants to become a lending platform, launchpad of the system. - $VC is the token reward of Velocore DEX, currently too hype should wait for a nice entry. **4/ Onchain Trade ($1M TVL) (Token available)** - DeFi protocol supports adding liquidity with just a single token - Platform revenue will be divided among holders - Having its own stablecoin backed by protocol pool **5/ Nexon Finance ($1.4M TVL) (The token will be released soon, everyone remember to interact with the platform) ** ** **- The first and largest Lending protocol of the system - Nexon V2, the liquidity is matched by P2P, so APY will be fair and better for both lenders and borrowers. Reference: * **ZKEX: **Multi chain ordêbook** **( Order transaction type is the same as CEX but it is DEX) - No token yet, interaction can receive Airdrop * **MESprotocol: **Cross rollup orderbook, not yet issued token, currently testingnet can interact to receive Airdrop * **Sigma Finance: **Yield Farming, Launchpad * **The Merlin Dex: **True Yield

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