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Upgrade awaited on iPhone 15 may be delayed

# **Waited for iPhone 15 upgrade may be delayed** **The awaited iPhone 15/15 Plus duo will receive a camera upgrade equivalent to iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, problems in the supply chain could derail the plan.** In the latest May report from Haitong International Securities, analyst Jeff Pu said Apple will use a new three-layer stacked sensor for a new one. of the three cameras on the iPhone 15/15 Plus to capture more light, improving image quality. This will also be the sensor with 48 MP resolution like on the iPhone 14 Pro / Max. However, based on information from the supply chain, Jeff Pu believes that the three-layer stacked sensor is having production problems. Therefore, supplying components for iPhone 15/15 Plus will be difficult and even delayed. After that, the expert still confirmed that the iPhone 15 would still be on time to launch in September like every year, and the problem with the camera would be continued to be monitored by him. In the report, Jeff Pu also agrees with some of the previous predictions of other analysts including the titanium frame for the Pro series, the new periscope lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the 48MP camera appearing on the iPhone 15 series. basic. An expert at Haitong International Securities also emphasized that the USB-C port first appeared on all iPhone 15 models instead of the traditional Lightning. The A17 processor will also be only available on the Pro series. Meanwhile, the basic iPhone 15/15 Plus line using A16 was on the 14 Pro/Pro Max last year. He said the memory of the iPhone 15 will not change with 128, 256, 512GB options, and the highest 1 TB is only for the Pro series. Previously, Jeff Pu was the first to predict that the iPhone 15 Pro would not have a force-sensitive button due to “technical issues that could not be resolved before mass production”. Instead, the device still uses the traditional button. In a notice sent to investors on May 4, analysts Blayne Curtis and Tom O’Malley of Barclays also said that the iPhone 15 Pro will not be equipped with a pressure-sensitive button. Analyst Jeff Pu believes that the pressure-sensitive button could be moved to the iPhone 16 Pro series launched in 2024. Although not equipped with a force-sensitive button, MacRumors sources said the ring mode lever on the iPhone 15 Pro. will still switch to a customizable button, similar to the Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra.



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