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Use your phone without being bothered by strange numbers, do it this way

## Receive many calls from unknown numbers, you feel very annoying and want to block this incoming phone number, the following article shows you how to do that. You are using iPhone, iPad and are being terrorized by a series of calls and messages from unwanted people. This way of blocking will help you put an end to this situation. Services such as installment loans, finance, real estate, etc. often have a lot of ‘junk’ SIM numbers to call for services. If you happen to be caught in their sights, you can stop them, although not completely, but also somewhat less annoying. ## How to block each phone number on iphone The blocking of each phone number can be applied from old to new iPhone generations such as iPhone 14 128GB purple **Step 1: **Select the Phone icon => Go to Near here => Click on the i icon at the number you want to block. **Step 2:** Select Block this caller => Click on Block contact item To unblock contacts, you can follow these steps: **Step 1:** Go to Settings => Select Phone phone => Select Blocked Contact. **Step 2:** On the screen interface you find the phone number you want to unblock => Select Edit => Swipe left the phone number to Unblock ## Block all incoming calls from unknown numbers on iPhone (other than contacts) This way to block calls outside of contacts will be different from the above method. For this, you can completely block phone numbers that are not in your contacts. Just set it up once, all numbers outside the contacts will be blocked automatically. The operation is very simple, please refer to the instructions below. **Step 1: **You turn on the phone and access the “Settings” application on the screen. Then scroll to the “Do Not Disturb” category as shown below. If you want to use your phone without being disturbed by unknown numbers, do it this way **Step 2:** Next you continue to select the item “Allow calls from”. In this step, if you don’t turn off the “Repeat calls” section, the number outside your contacts will not be able to call the first time, but you can still call the second, third time, .. pull the switch to turn off the item “Repeat calls”. Note, you should consider carefully, because when you turn off this section, you will not receive calls from employers, relatives / friends to change new phone numbers. **Step 3: **To block calls outside of contacts on iPhone, continue to select the “All Contacts” section. At this point, the iPhone system will understand that calls from numbers not saved in contacts will automatically be blocked. You only receive calls from phone numbers that are stored in the contacts list. **Step 4: **Finally, you just need to open the “Do Not Disturb” feature in the control center. **Note: **When making calls outside of this list, you need to consider it carefully. Because this method can affect your business, when old customers lose their old sim and have to use another phone number to contact you, you will not receive calls. Blocking strange numbers on iphone is an extremely necessary thing to avoid affecting your daily life. Hopefully the above information will help you avoid being bothered by spam calls, calls outside your contacts, …



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