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Useful iPhone feature coming to Android

# **Useful iPhone features coming to Android soon ** **Android 14 version can integrate the battery health monitoring feature of smartphones and tablets, similar to Battery Health on iPhone.** Former Editor *XDA-Developer member, *Mishaal Rahman revealed that Google has added some new BatteryManager APIs to the Android 14 beta. Two of them are public APIs, used to provide cycle count and charge status information, while the other is a system API that reports manufacturing date, first use date, charging principle and the operating status of the device. On Twitter, Rahman suggested that any app with the BATTERY_STATS permission can call the system APIs, but they’re only available on Pixel devices running Android 14 Beta 2 or later. Before Rahman made this announcement, developer Narek built an app called Batt that used new APIs to provide a smartphone’s battery status and charge cycle. Users can download it from GitLab and try it out on a device running Android 14. However, the accuracy of the data presented by the app is not known. The App only reports what the API returns, and those statistics depend on the information the charging IC tracks. It also depends on whether the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) has support for this feature. The revelation from Rahman raises hopes that Google will soon officially introduce the battery monitoring feature for all Android devices, similar to (Apple)( -ty-apple.html) did on (iPhone)(, iPad. First appearing as a beta in 2018 with iOS 11.3, Battery Health has gradually become one of the most useful features on the iPhone. Users can view information about the battery status of iPhone, iPad, maximum remaining capacity, iPhone’s ability to reach the highest performance. In case the capacity has decreased drastically and the device does not reach the usual peak performance, Apple recommends that users replace the battery with a new one.



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