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Users are increasingly loving Apple Maps

**Since its launch in 2012, Apple Maps has always been evaluated by technology experts as “far behind” rival Google Maps. According to *Wall Street Journal*, Apple’s latest feature updates have successfully entice many iPhone users to switch to Apple Maps.** Previously, (Apple Maps)( has received many complaints from users in the past because of dangerous directions. According to *Business Insider*, the company fired the managing director of Apple Maps and the CEO (Tim Cook) personally had to issue an apology. Over the past 10 years, Apple has added a bunch of new features like public transit directions, allowing users to display apps on the dashboard of their car. New York-based aviation industry analyst Jason Rabinowitz said that because he was frustrated with the first version of Apple Maps, he switched to using Android to make Google Maps easier to access. However, he returned to using iPhone and Apple Maps after the company updated the new public transit features. Rabinowitz found Apple Maps to have a beautiful interface and provide faster and more convenient public transit directions than Google Maps. In addition, Apple’s app also accounts for traffic disruptions like subway power outages better than the competition. *Tom’s Guide* smartphone editor Tom Pritchard says Apple Maps has a simple interface and clean map design, while Google Maps is suitable for people who want to use their personal data to choose what information is displayed. In the iOS 16 update, Apple’s maps app lets users plan multi-stop trips, view public transit fares, and navigate areas using a street view option. In January 2023, Apple Maps updated its restaurant booking feature and finding deals at nearby stores, a sign that the iPhone maker wanted Apple Maps to be more than just a regular mapping app. On (iOS 17)( launched in September this year, users can search for electric car charging stations along the route and download maps to view without cell service.



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