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Users started leaving Xiaomi smartphones to choose Samsung

# **Users are starting to leave Xiaomi smartphones to choose Samsung ** **Xiaomi has recently expanded its smartphone portfolio into the high-end segment, but its main Android rival Samsung is also showing comeback.** Xiaomi’s global smartphone popularity keeps growing every year and so does its income. This stems from the fact that the company is producing some very good smartphone models, while the accompanying prices are often very competitive. Like Huawei, the US Department of Commerce tried to ban Xiaomi, but the Chinese company won in a lawsuit. It continues to grow in several countries, especially India where Xiaomi is one of the top smartphone brands. Despite the gradual increase in popularity, it is quite strange that the company’s sales are starting to decline based on a report regarding a letter from Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun to company employees. According to the content, Xiaomi’s smartphone sales did not go as the company expected, possibly because users began to choose other brands instead of Xiaomi as recently reported from Counterpoint. Accordingly, smartphone sales in China have declined in 2022. This decline really hit Xiaomi smartphones quite heavily with a decrease of 22.8% in the fourth quarter of 2022. In an article published in the Financial Times, Lei Jun admitted that the company had fallen in sales and that he was not satisfied. This CEO said that the first reason for the decrease in sales is because of Covid-19, and the second is that people are gradually turning to Samsung. For example, in the Indian market, Xiaomi has always been the leading brand for many years. However, the company from China has lost this crown to Samsung – the company currently leading the Indian market. Xiaomi’s strength in India has always been cheaper prices, but things are changing rapidly as one analyst explains that it stems from people switching to more expensive phone models. The analyst added that most people who buy cheaper phones do so due to financial difficulties. However, after they get a well-paying job, they will want to buy more expensive smartphones. Xiaomi can regain the market in India if it carefully analyzes the cause of this decline. For example, they can add more great features to their flagship and mid-range smartphones, while also making them cheaper.



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