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Vesting STG – Short-term selling pressure

On the morning of May 18, more than 5.8M STG was paid vesting to investors. In which there are 2 notable wallets: * Wallet 1: 0x292008a92060e038dd8c76f18346fa8be6081717 * Wallet 2: 0x91d8a8fdddd3ab8b0479bb68ed2fdb8d3a414b32 At the April 18 vesting session: the 2 wallets above received 848k and then 1.09M STG deposit on Binance, respectively. 20%. This period May 18: These 2 wallets receive 848k and 977k STG respectively. Wallet 1 has not done anything and wallet 2 has deposited to Binance. Up to now 3pm: Most likely they haven’t sold yet because the last 24h real volume is only around $7M. There is generally selling pressure from the 0x91d wallet. In addition, looking at the vesting receipt history, some of the top holders who received the wallet tend to sell out or sell a part right after, only a few hold STG.

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