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Want to charge your iPhone faster, try the following!

# **You want to charge your iPhone faster, try the following!** **There are a few ways you can charge your phone as fast as possible at times when you really need to fully charge it before you can. out.** ## **Use a fast charger** Some people avoid fast charging because they worry about the battery of their phone. Yes, fast charging will drain your battery a bit more (due to the extra heat), but it’s the best way to get to 100% as quickly as possible. Besides, phones are made for use, and battery replacements aren’t too expensive if you need them a year or two later. Therefore, you cannot keep your phone battery healthy. ## **Temporarily turn off your phone** Need maximum battery life in minimum amount of time? Turn off the phone. When the phone is off, all the power coming from the charger is redirected to recharge the battery instead of background apps or staying connected to local apps. ## **Use Low Power Mode, Airplane Mode or both** Don’t want to turn off your phone? You can always set it to Low Power Mode. Normally, the suggestion to put your phone in Low Power mode pops up when you’re running low on battery, but you can activate it at any time by going to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode . This will put your phone into exactly the power saving mode it uses to conserve battery power, resulting in less wasted background processes and faster charging. If you like the power savings that come with Low Power Mode, you can even set your iPhone to stay on Low Power Mode all the time. You can also speed up charging again without turning off your phone by turning on Airplane mode to turn off your phone’s cellular radio. ## **Brightness down** If you don’t want to turn off or stop using your phone while it’s charging, you can help speed things up by reducing the brightness of your phone. The screen consumes a significant amount of battery life, and lowering the screen brightness as much as possible, without straining your eyes, will reduce your iPhone’s power consumption. If you have a newer iPhone with an OLED display, turning on dark mode can also help save battery life and speed up charging.



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