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Warranty iPhone without invoice from 1.4

# ** iPhone warranty without invoice from April 1st ** ## The new policy only applies to genuine iPhone models in Vietnam, while other products still need a purchase invoice when under warranty valid. Accordingly, from April 1, Apple authorized service centers (AASP) in Vietnam will receive genuine iPhone warranty (code VN/A) without requiring a purchase invoice. However, this change does not apply to other devices such as MacBook, AirPods, iPad … or accessories. Portable iPhones (without VN/A code) still need a bill of sale, even though they have all the documents, they can still be denied warranty, partly because of the many fake invoices. Representative of an AASP evaluates the new change to make it easier and more convenient for customers to buy genuine machines when going for warranty. Despite the extension of the terms, users are still advised to purchase genuine products to fully protect their rights in unexpected situations. In the last change in October 2022, the AAR (Apple’s official authorized dealer) said that Apple stipulates that iPhones with VN/A code purchased in Vietnam must still have a purchase invoice attached when taking it for warranty. . These machines also need to go through the serial/IMEI number check on the system and only when both conditions are met, the authorized centers will receive the warranty. If there is an error, the laptop will be asked to return the device to the country of sale for warranty. The change of regulations on purchase and sale invoices in the case of warranties begins in 2021 and lasts until now. This is considered a move to tighten the portable market, promoting products on Apple’s genuine store shelves to increase market share in Vietnam. In the past 3 years, this decision, combined with price incentives, shortening the opening time compared to the international market… has brought about the first positive results for the company. Apple considers Vietnam to be one of its top potential and fast-growing markets in recent years. Reports of a number of international market survey companies as well as data from AARs in Vietnam show that “apple defect” is the mobile brand with the highest growth in the market in 2022. Apple products has always received special attention in Vietnam, from the main line of devices such as Mac computers, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones to Watch accessories, Airpods… Recent product support on genuine store shelves also increased significantly when equipment prices were comparable to some neighboring markets as well as international ones.



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