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Well, the smart dex traders (SDT) wallets of the past 7 days seem to be very active too

(Figure 1.) – Net buying $MKR > $LINK > $CRV >$PEPE – Net selling $LDO, $APE, $MATIC, $XRP So when XRP was noticed by many people, SDT took advantage of taking profits. . (Figure 2.) In addition, there is a “same trend” of this wallet group with the smart money group. $MKR $PEPE $CAKE $BIT has been net bought by Smart money in the past 7 days guys. So they also collected PEPE, MKR as top profit wallets last week. On the other hand, smart money also sold a few coins like: $MATIC $AAVE $SYN $SHIB, in which MATIC is the same trend of net selling with top profit wallets last week. Notes : – Chain Ethereum, BSC – Net buying is buying-selling>0, net selling is buying-selling<0 - Data 19/07/2023 Smartmoney - File 3000 smart money wallet Smart dex trader - The most profitable wallet file of the week via

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