Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Well, there’s nothing to hide anymore, one of the reasons Ryan Nguyen hasn’t been busy livestreaming lately is because he and Thai Vu Faptv cast in the Rap Viet Season 3 contest.

Everyone, remember to cheer for the 2 championship candidates =)) Also, the mod/admin team always wants to remind you about the scam impersonation. All groups and channels on tele related to Ryan are 100% scam, Ryan does not use tele.. Ryan still keeps **4 no:** **- DO NOT USE TELEGRAM** **- NO GROUP PRIVATE, VIP** **- NEVER RECEIVE INVESTMENT OFFER** **- NEVER MESSAGE FIRST, IF ANYONE IS MESSING YOU FIRST MUST BE SCAM (SCAM).** Beware. high to avoid losing money guys. Hope you only donate money to CZ, not to scammers. Old members help me to warn new members. Let’s join hands to build a civilized and quality “Ryan and Friends” Facebook group.

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