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What do Vietnamese look for online in Q2?

**Coc Coc has just released its Outstanding Search Trends Report Q2/2023, reviewing 8 outstanding topics searched by Vietnamese users via Coc Coc search engine in the past 3 months.** From The most searched key in Q2 was “power failure/cutoff”. This new search trend comes from the situation of local electricity shortage in the North during the hot days of late June. In order to cope with the peak heat wave as well as to prepare for unexpected power failures, people bought devices capable of storing electricity for backup. The data from the report shows that the search volume for the products “charged fan”, “home generator” has increased sharply, reaching 97 and 73 times respectively compared to the first quarter of 2023. . The international character leading the search trend is BlackPink. The event BlackPink announced the show schedule in Hanoi created a fever among young Vietnamese. The “Blinks” (collectively referred to as BlackPink fans) are actively hunting for tickets to have the opportunity to “swing idols” directly at My Dinh National Stadium at the end of July. Domestically, ACB President Tran Hung Huy is a character who “causes a storm” after dancing and singing in the rain during the company’s 30th anniversary celebration. Besides, Vietnamese users are also interested in other current figures and events such as: Michelin stars, protests in France… Entertainment maintains its “kingdom” as it continues to be a popular search topic. This topic accounted for 28% on search engine (Coc Coc)( people-viet-1851522719.htm). In the movie group, “Doctor Cha” and “Flip Face 6” are the top two keywords for TV series and movies, respectively. As for the TV show, the two top positions in the popular search are “Billion billions kicking the wind and turning waves season 4” and “Vietnamese Rap season 3”. *Rap Viet* has gained great traction since season 1 and continues to cause a stir with many controversial elements. And *Billionaire rides the wind and turns waves* is the first Chinese reality TV show with the participation of Vietnamese singer and actor Chi Pu. Ranked third in terms of heat with 25% of total search volume is Technology topic. In particular, the number of queries for the keyword “ChatGPT” has decreased by 6% even though this is the top keyword in the first quarter of 2023. The keyword “” first appeared in the top trending keywords. And keywords like “AI Chat/AI Search” saw a growth of up to 101%. This shows that users tend to be more interested in ChatGPT alternatives. The next five positions mentioned in the report are subject to: Sports; Finance and Real Estate; Ecommerce; Travel and Employment. These topics have changes in content compared to the same period in 2022 (from April to the end of June).



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