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What features on smartphones are not worth the money?

# **What smartphone features are not worth the money?** **This is not to say that these features are bad, but that they may not be necessary for everyone.** Important issue It is important to consider whether these features are really worth the extra cost, especially for those who are looking for an affordable phone with specific features. ## **Refresh rate** One feature that may be over-hyped is the refresh rate. Many people like their phones to have a sleek look, and the high refresh rate on phones is fun. But this can negatively affect battery life. High-end phones with efficient battery management can solve this problem. However, for other phones, it can be a problem. Overall, a high refresh rate is a great feature because it allows for smooth screen movement, but creates a familiar dilemma: do we prioritize battery life or power efficiency? phone? ## **8K Video Recording** About 8 years ago, users were pretty familiar with the hype about 4K video, and the same applies to 8K now. However, in practice still very few people actually use 8K recording and it does not bring significant benefits to the camera. Currently, only ultra-premium phones are capable of 8K video recording, on the other hand 8K video recording is also available on mid-range and high-end phones. 4K recording really improves clarity when displayed on mobile devices, especially when compared to Full HD video. However, 8K quality is different because the difference will be very subtle on most monitors. ## **108 MP Camera** When the first 108 MP cameras were introduced, people were excited because it was a feature of the future. However, over time, many people may realize that not all 108 MP sensors give good quality. Really good sensors that can take great photos that can be zoomed in and cropped without losing quality. High-end phones with powerful telephoto lenses can achieve similar results. However, the reality is that they don’t get most of these features because social media will compress photos and require huge storage space. ## **Wireless charging** One of the not-so-useful features of smartphones is wireless charging – a way that doesn’t really work. This process is slow and it can take all night for the phone to fully charge. In some cases, it may take longer. Furthermore, although there are many phones with wireless charging, charging with a cable is more beneficial. Wireless phone charging can consume 50% more power than wired phone charging. This means it needs more power, and it’s unclear whether such slow technology should be spent. **16 GB RAM** Many phones these days have between 12 GB and 16 GB of RAM, which is a lot. Excluding the LPDDR format, these phones have the RAM equivalent of a desktop computer. The point is, 12 GB RAM can be very useful for demanding games, while 16 GB RAM won’t be necessary for most tasks. This level of RAM is only considered a smart investment for future game development, and it will depend on the purpose that the user sets to use the phone to fight the game for how many years. Finally, it’s important to carefully consider which features are really needed and which are just “yes-nothing” ones. While it’s tempting to use the latest and greatest, it’s not always necessary and can be a waste of money. By taking the time to assess needs and prioritizing the right features, users will find a phone that meets their needs without paying too much.



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