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What is LayerZero that you guys have been plowing the “crazy” Airdrop over the past time?

With a valuation of 3 billion USD through a funding round of 120 million USD, LayerZero is considered by the community to have an airdrop when the project launches! This is an overview research article about LayerZero that you guys who are learning about airdrops on LayerZero must definitely read. Because: * You must personally know how to read project information and evaluate => make a decision whether to airdrop that project. The article, which my team has researched and rewritten is very easy to understand. * Knowing the project overview, you will know what to do to increase your chances of receiving an airdrop if any. * Read and share with the community, to add complete information about LayerZero in more detail -> improve self-knowledge. I summarize the research as follows: 1. What is LayerZero? LayerZero – blockchain technology platform designed to support the creation of integrated applications on many different blockchains. With LayerZero, the creation of these applications becomes easier thanks to the use of a low-level means of communication. To make it simple and easy to understand, in short, this feature helps the communication between blockchains be done more efficiently and save resources. With LayerZero, developers can focus on building integrated applications on multiple blockchains without worrying about dealing with communication issues between them. 1. LayerZero Structure (image) 1. Main Features of LayerZero * Relayer is part of the LayerZero system that plays a role in connecting decentralized financial markets together. * Oracle is an important part of LayerZero because it allows DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications built on the Ethereum blockchain to interact with the outside world * Endpoints are an important part of enabling applications and services communicate with each other over the network. * The Interfaces section in LayerZero provides interfaces that developers (developers) can use when working with LayerZero contracts See more description images. Projects in the LayerZero ecosystem (see picture) Currently, layerzero has a lot of dapps, you can choose reputable dapps to perform transactions: swap, bridge, add Liquidity to get transactions. Note: * Use the correct official website of the project.. * Gas ​​fee and price difference when adding LP. There is no official announcement about the airdrop from the dev yet, so please take it easy. Full research article, I put it in the comment. We invite you to comment and share more to get more useful information about the project for the community. Peter – Solar Research.

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