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What is Narrative Crypto? A few tips to stay on top of Narrative Crypto

> If everyone has been involved in the crypto market for a while, they must have heard the phrase “Narrative” but what exactly is it?. How to stay up to date, not to miss the Narratives? This article will help everyone!! **1.What is Narrative Crypto?** Currently, when it comes to “Narratives” of cryptocurrencies, many people often immediately associate the trends, the money flow of the market. However, the term “Narrative” has a much more complicated interpretation. Narrative occurs before the trend is formed. Narrative Crypto is referring to new ideas, stories, beliefs, a concept around an event, project, or a specific area of ​​the crypto market. Then these new concepts will be advertised, marketed to make people believe, ie educate the community first… In short, narrative crypto is something to promote money flow, market trends. Narrative sometimes tells us, predicts the areas where the money can flow in and explode in the near future. However, not all narratives are true, many things are sometimes just “hype” temporarily. Narrative can last for days, weeks, or months. But not everyone benefits and can identify Narrative,.. Therefore, a thorough assessment of the narrative is extremely necessary if you want to make good profits in this market **2.How to always catch up with Narrative Crypto?** Most people I see many people, after a certain crypto narrative becomes popular, there are too many people talking about it, then they know and participate. At this point, the position is not good anymore. There are some of you who have heard and read information about narratives many times, but they ignored it when it was first formed. Then, when the coins benefiting from the narrative skyrocketed, they regretted it. Or there are people who see something hot and jump in to buy it because they think it’s narrative or forget to notice BTC and concave accounts. How to catch up with Narrative, there is this article written in detail: ( permalink/499933975620319/) ## **Just a few more things to add:** * **Understand the basics**: This is a must. You will need to understand the basics of the market like blockchain, the technology behind it, the types of projects, the arrays like. Then there are the elements that make up the market. Everyone, have to understand a little bit about these things but don’t be too “in love” with technology, always remember crypto is money game. In addition, you must also have a little understanding of macroeconomics, about regulations to see how it affects the market and each niche of cryptocurrencies… For example, if it is the LSD or BRC trend- 20 then people need to clearly understand the concepts related to it in order to identify and confirm it early. The best way is for everyone to learn and read as much as possible. * **Search on Twitter**: Make sure you always follow news channels, KOLs, famous traders. If you don’t know who to Follow, I’ll make a post later and categorize the KOLs for everyone, then everyone should get into the habit of surfing Twitter instead of Facebook. Of course, there will be no tweets saying this is a narrative and these coins will increase in price and buy it if it does, the position is not good anymore. But if people see a keyword a new concept repeatedly and have convincing analysis, they should save it and search for related information * **Read the news:** Just have basic knowledge Regarding crypto, this is not too difficult. For example, you read the news that FTX collapsed, many users are concerned about CEX exchange, then deduce that DEX exchanges are benefiting from that, you can do a deeper research, see the extent of the impact of the CEX exchange. What about the other news? What is the state of the “seeming” beneficiaries? Which one is leading, which one is weak… most likely the vast majority of narrative comes from important news that people can come across every day * **Combined with the general situation of the market**: Double When, an event/news appears but if it wants to be “narrative”, it also has to be in line with the overall market trend. The market is gloomy, BTC is in a downtrend, will a narrative help pull the whole market up? Although it is not impossible (like the Move to earn or play to earn trends that have pulled money back into the market), it does not mean that we ignore the general trend of the whole market, because most of the narratives can’t do that. Analyze how projects are being researched, are they overvalued, or have surged because many people discovered “narrative crypto” before you? Transaction volume is also an interesting metric, because when a narrative takes shape, it’s important to capture the interest of the community * **Remember the timelines of big events**: Many narratives are simple Simple and easy to deduce, because it is associated with major market events such as ETH updates, BTC halving. They are all typical narratives. Many people interested, many expectations, many controversies, fomo community, lead the trend for a while? These events have the advantage of being easily predictable. But sometimes, because they are so easily identifiable, the profits of the coins that benefit from them are often not as expected compared to other hidden narratives * **Sensitive sharp with cash flow**: In addition, people can also join many Discord, Telegram channels about crypto. Use market measurement tools such as: Lunarcrush (measure the activity of social, keywords); Defillama (deFi cash flow tracking, stablecoins, projects); Moneyprinter (tracking fees collected & spent to develop systems/projects)…. Get in the habit of regularly reading the reports of parties like The Block, Coinbase, Binance, .. Thus, you can be more sensitive, know how to filter news/events, thereby avoiding following narratives. “spray” How to use this tool, everyone, please re-read these 2 articles of mine: ( .com/groups/ryanvanhungnguoiban/permalink/559472472999802/) ( /) Also, these 2 articles everyone should read and combine to capture narrative and cash flow: ( ( ) ## **How ​​to play according to the narrative :** If you have analyzed and guessed which narrative and decided to invest in projects that benefit from that narrative. Then people don’t be greedy because when a Narrative has formed and developed into a trend, it means that it will lead to a big wave of FOMO. But when the hype and FOMO pass, the vast majority of us will see the price drop quickly, leaving only those who are “swinging to the top” or those who are “greedy” who do not take profits, but are stuck in the math problem. Liquidity. The dealer, floor, MM they identify the Narratives earlier than us, they will definitely always have a better position than us. So you don’t stubbornly HODL . Sell ​​when it’s profitable, and don’t regret closing it prematurely. Most narratives follow the ponzi model more or less. Learn how to look up on-chain data, shark behavior, technical analysis, trading volume, they will definitely help you a lot **3. Examples of some previous Crypto Narratives** In this section, I will review some Narrative Crypto that have happened in the past. Of course, past events do not perfectly reflect future events, but they can provide enough information to process. **Narrative about ETH ShangHai** ETH Staking is the most accurate and understandable example of narrative. In April 2023, those who participated in staking ETH on Beacon Chain were finally drawn so that LSD protocols benefited extremely well such as LDO x3 since December, Pendle near x10,.. **Narrative on AI* * AI is a trend that comes from ChatGPT – a traditional technology company that has nothing to do with crypto and blockchain. But someone released these AI conversations about Crypto, then signs of trend formation were ignited. And the results we all know, AGIX, FET all increased rapidly.

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