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What makes iOS 17 not perfect

**Before the release of iOS 17, many users were waiting for innovation in Control Center or better support for downloading apps from third parties. However, they did not appear.** The next iOS version was officially announced at WWDC 2023. Before being announced, many rumors surrounding iOS 17 were circulating, the most notable of which is to change the interface. However, *Digital Trends* assessed that the iOS 17 launch at WWDC did not bring impressive features as expected. Control Center (Control Center) first appeared in iOS 7 but not much has changed since the last upgrade on iOS 11. This is a feature users use very often during the day to turn on / off the devices. Various settings like Wi-Fi, Focus mode, screen rotation lock, dark mode, flashlight… Before that, there were a lot of rumors going around about iOS 17 being redesigned. However, this did not happen. *Digital Trends* says that an interesting change to the Control Center is to allow users to customize the settings shortcuts that appear when the user pulls down from the right corner of the screen, adding a button to turn on 5G and customize it right in the middle of the screen. Control Center instead of having to go to the Settings app. Another feature that many users expect is an update to the Apple Wallet app on iPhone. Since its launch in 2015, this application has not had many major changes other than the addition of Apple Card, Apple Saving. Before the WWDC 2023 event, many sources predict that Wallet will have user interface improvements such as a new navigation bar to divide cards, Apple Cash, keys, CCCD … into different categories. In addition, this application will also have a feature that allows to display the balance on the card and search for a specific card. Besides, one of the biggest leaks about iOS 17 is the addition of the ability to download apps from third parties at the request of the European Union (EU). Rumors say this feature will appear on iOS 17, but is expected to only be available to users in the EU. Apple can add a security system mechanism, similar to Gatekeeper on macOS to ensure that the application has a clear origin. The time for Apple to comply with regulations is March 2024. As a result, the feature to install apps from outside sources is not expected to be implemented in the development life of iOS 17. Many sources have previously said that Apple is investing resources in this unprecedented change of iOS. Therefore, it is possible that this change will still appear on later iOS versions, *Digital Trends* noted. If you expect these features to appear on iOS 17, users will probably be disappointed. Overall, iOS 17 is not as impressive as updates that bring many major changes like iOS 14 or iOS 16… However, iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max users still feel excited when adding the StandBy feature ( Standby screen mode) for the Always-on Display. Besides, one of the coolest iOS 17 upgrades is Name Drop, a simple way to share contact information. The mechanism of this tool is like the data tags, read by NFC. However, instead of the close-range protocol, users just need to put the iPhones next to each other for information to be transferred automatically.



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