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What makes iPhone easily prevail over Pixel phones

# **What makes the iPhone easily prevail over the Pixel phone** **Compared to the Pixel 6 Pro (nearly 2 years old) in many respects, the 4 year old iPhone 11 Pro is worth more.** Obviously, for Android phone users, when suddenly switching to iPhone will feel suffocated and closed by iOS. In 2021, the Artificial Intelligence – AI features introduced with the Pixel 6 series, such as Magic Eraser and Hold for Me on Pixel 6 Pro have attracted many users. Initially, the fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 6 Pro worked very well; The Magic Eraser feature also received a lot of praise. However, the poor battery life on the phone caused users to have to charge it in the middle of the day. In addition, compared to Pixel 6 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max was quick to automatically connect to Wi-Fi, clearly showing its strengths. ## **Some Pixel 6 Pro features are no longer useful** At launch, Pixel 6 Pro’s Magic Eraser – Magic Eraser was outstanding. However, they are only used for a short time. When Apple introduced some new features for iOS 17, many people were intrigued by StandBy, the feature that turns the iPhone into a smart display while charging in landscape mode. Other favorite iOS 17 improvements include: improvements to autocorrect and a subscription feature that notifies friends and family members when the user has reached their destination safely. And despite being nearly 4 years old, the battery life on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is still much better when compared to the Pixel 6 Pro. Not only that, the photography capabilities of the 3 12MP cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro Max are also excellent. Of course, their owners will have to miss out on 5G connectivity, 120Hz refresh rate, and always-on display. In return, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will bring all of this when it launches in September. This product is expected to “crush” every other flagship on the market and encourage many old iPhone owners to upgrade.



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