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What new colors will the iPhone 15 series have?

# **What new colors will the iPhone 15 series come in?** **According to the latest rumors, Apple may introduce a new pink version of the standard iPhone 15.** This year, “the quartet” “Phone 15 will be available in more new colors. A source said that the 2023 iPhone series may own pink color. Source @VnchocoTaco or “ShrimpApplePro” shared an image of a post on Weibo. The post mentions that Apple will use “green, light yellow, and pink” color versions. Expected color versions for iPhone 15 Series will include: ● Midnight Black ● Starlight White ● Green ● Yellow ● Pink ● Red (Product) Previously, in July, according to Weibo sources, iPhone 15 will use blue, the iPhone 15 Pro pair will be crimson. In February, rumors surfaced with concept images of a pink and blue iPhone 15 and a dark red iPhone 15 Pro. Currently, Apple has not made an official statement about the color of the iPhone 2023 series. Normally, Apple will release new colors for the new generation of iPhones in the middle of the year. Therefore, the dark red or pink/blue color may not appear until the end of the year.



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