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What should we do after the last Airdrop?

**——–** Hello guys! An exciting week with many brothers eating the $ARB airdrop, some people ate a lot and others missed the opportunity. Many people changed positions overnight and from there more people started to move to the airdrop. So what should we do to optimize and orient what to do in the future? Here is my view from previous airdrops. — 1. **Looking back at my own position** There are brothers who started playing crypto with only $100 or less. Learning, trading this trade that, doing airdrop for many months has not prospered! And yeah, such an airdrop of $ARB is enough capital to play, the position is also slightly raised. That is very good indeed! But don’t think the market is easy to eat right? That money will definitely return to the market, better players if they are subjective, think differently or think wrongly about the market. The first thing is to see where you are? How much skill and experience in the market? If there is more capital from the airdrop, how will it be used, can it be kept? As for those who have hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars, if they eat a few thousand from the airdrop, I will accept =)) – **2. Portfolio reallocation.** **TH1**: For those who specialize in airdrops, have experience, start from airdrop, eating airdrops from APT, OP, Blur, ARB is the result. worthy and know how to reallocate their portfolio, I do not discuss in depth! Most of what I observe, they will cash out part of the profit, partly reinvest in the airdrop from tools, nick, capital… **TH2**: What about low position traders, not airdrop specialists? what if you get a few hundred to a few thousand dollars? In my opinion, having such a decent amount of money will make you a bit subjective because of the free money from the project (although there is a fee, I still think it is free). The first thing you should do is reset your investment portfolio. **Exa**: Previously, you only had 500$ of dep capital to allocate (can be applied with less capital), experience the market, you have 10% 20% for the airdrop and you get more from 1000$ to 1500$ from arb. How will it be distributed? 1. Cash out capital, if possible, cash a little more profit for comfort, play so that the guy doesn’t have to lose. Don’t let the mindset of God give you, it doesn’t matter if you lose it, make you subjective, which is very important. 1. The rest, please experience the market carefully: **30% for spo**t: Profit may be small but effective to feel the market **20% airdrop**: I think it should be deducted give airdrop a bit more than before, can encroach on this segment, just go slowly **30% stablecoin**: Consider the money from the airdrop as your own capital, don’t consider it as free, Think of it as sweat. Set aside 30% of your capital for stablecoins to use when needed (Must have this item) 10% Moonbag favorite **10%: Meme, shitcoin:** This market is crazy, play meme, shitcoin to feel, but break it up and play. VD Chain ZK has just come out, 1m2 has 10 scam projects :))) Well there will be more people who will take that money to catch the dip =)) Kind of want to optimize that pile of free money. But I think the right way to do airdrop is to release it, then do another project and earn porridge. Don’t be greedy to do anything. (That’s the mindset I learned from some longtime airdroppers) – **3. Don’t invest more than you can bear because of FOMO** This problem will be the same after many years! Not just the $ARB airdrop but from $OP $APT. There will be newbies who do not win airdrops but switch to learn how to airdrop, learn to cheat many acc. Take a look around twitter, or facebook will have many memes asking how to do the airdrop right? That’s good, that’s okay, but the problem here is that they will FOMO airdrop (Airdrop also has peak swing), charge for retroactive. In addition to $ARB, there are still zksync, StarkNet, Lens, Scroll, Aleo, Celestia, Sui waiting for you, but remember the project’s rules, no one can guess! You have to follow DEV only, there are people who make 1000 acc ARB and get all sybil! So please do it within the tolerance of your pocket (and 1000 acc arb is rich and don’t say). Fomo newbies only die, or if you guys eat the airdrop, pay attention to this, reinvesting in your ability is good eg: ZK costs a few tens of dollars, maybe more if you want a higher win rate, what if you only have a hundred dollars or less? Then don’t be ambitious to eat 10 20 nicks, please allocate it safely, a little for each project! Experience the project, its products only. If you win or not, it’s up to heaven, sometimes when you make one nick, you eat more than the guy who makes a few dozen nicks (Still repeating cheats, cheats). You have to think if you lose everything, what should you do next? That’s just a general rule, nothing fancy, like crypto investment, don’t borrow, lose, how much you can lose! – **4. Learn carefully about the project you are investing, doing and ready to face loss** In trading, holding coins, it is advisable for us to analyze a coin, from basic to technical, this macro and that. ! To have faith and know the exact trend. In the airdrop, retroactive is the same. If you want to do it, you have to study it carefully, right? Like how you analyze to buy coin hold! If you guys make 1 2 nick lottery for luck, don’t say, bad luck for the airdrop. If you do a lot of accs and don’t spend a lot of money, you also have to dyor carefully, details from model, technology, raise capital, to DEV new styles! Now there are KOLs doing it, but also campaign to learn more, be responsible for your money, big or small, reminding those who are about to come to do the airdrop. Should you be mentally prepared that if you invest without getting anything in return, will you be discouraged? Accept losses? That’s important, nothing is easy to eat, if you guys can win big airdrop bets, you won’t know how many bets. As for the tips for making airdrops, it’s only in the group: from extra wallets, cheats, tips… – **5. In the end, you have to learn, have a learning route, make effective investments from trade or airdrop.** About the route, just find some of my articles and read them: ( ryanvanhungnguoiban/permalink/520894940190889/)( Full details already! In addition, switching to the airdrop should also have a suitable route, learning to cheat slowly, correcting mistakes, dying nick, what should I do? How to take care must learn to know. Still the saying “”No one gives birth in the first week of pregnancy”. So keep calm, don’t be impatient, the market is still alive, there are still many opportunities, only a few men will leave because they run out of money :vvv Conclusion: Whatever you do, don’t scam and make a profit! Invest carefully and know how to survive in this game. Wish you guys success!

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