Tuesday, October 3, 2023


When the market is up, you need to join early, choose potential projects When the market is down, do the opposite, run away and accumulate knowledge However, the market is in a third state , very difficult to deal with and extremely dangerous. That state takes place when the market fluctuates unpredictably horizontally. The price line rises and falls abnormally, just increases for a moment and then drops immediately, in the morning, in the sun, in the afternoon, in the rain. This state makes investors’ psychology uncomfortable and depressed, leaving. Although many people may understand that a sideways market state (SW) is a necessary accumulation phase to continue a new cycle for the market In our investment plan in addition to the bull – bear market, we also must take into account the case of a sideways market, what will we do and how to approach it When the market is flat, there are still a few bullish projects, but it is difficult to find and it is easy to choose (statistical probability) the advice is to have a clear, meticulous investment plan combined with steel discipline to cut losses when the market reverses downward In a sideways state, profits are difficult to earn. Therefore, the key is not to allow any certain loss to exceed previous profits made. In short, in the SW market, investors sometimes have to forget about profits and focus all of their attention on making profits. Avoiding losses One of the key decisions and strategies investors should make in the SW market is how much capital to invest. The advice is not to put all your capital in this market state. There are usually 3 hardest things to do for investors when approaching three different types of markets, but if done, it can be an investment result good + Arrive early and enter a bull market + Get out of a bear market + Enter cautiously when the market is going to be harshly sideways. In any case, if studying seriously, diligently studying all kinds of markets, combining experience and constantly learning from successful investors, we can fully recognize which market we are in and have a reasonable investment plan..Please comment below to discuss your opinion what is the current state of the market!? Investing has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you enter the following market spend more time than others. If you are a single investor, your research ability is still limited, you must have a clear discipline and plan to compensate. Try to promote your strengths to get the best results. Wish you health and success!

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