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What to do when iPhone is full of memory?

Just enable these two features, and users will free up memory. Without having to delete important files or spend money to buy more memory.

Full memory is a situation iPhone users often encounter with 128 GB internal memory versions. When the memory is full, users cannot update to the latest iOS, download apps or take new photos and videos.

But if you want to free up memory, users are forced to delete some important files. Such as image files, movies, and music that take up a lot of space. Or users will have to spend money to buy more cloud storage or buy a new smartphone.

According to Cnet, users can apply some features on iOS to free up space. Without deleting files or spending money to buy more memory. These features will help them save a lot of memory to update apps, take photos or record more videos.

Optimize the size of photos and videos

First of all, Cnet encourages users to optimize the photos or videos stored on the device. If they do not want to delete them but need to free up the phone memory. By default, every time you take a photo or record a movie. The photo and video will be saved in full format. Which means a lot of memory is taken up. For example, a video of 4K quality at 60 fps will take up to nearly 400 MB in the device.

To enable the feature to optimize photo and video storage. Users go to Settings (Settings) > Photos and toggle the button Optimize iPhone Storage (Optimize iPhone Storage). How long it takes for your iPhone to do this. It will depend on how many photos and videos you have stored.

All photos and clips stored in original resolution will be transferred to iCloud storage. While the version in the phone memory is reduced quality. If you want to access the original file, just go to the photo library and download the optimized image files.

In case iCloud storage is not enough, users can buy more storage instead of buying a new smartphone. You go to the Settings app (Settings) > [your name] > iCloud >. Manage storage (Manage Account Storage) > Change storage plan (Buy More Storage). Here, choose an appropriate capacity plan.

Offload the app

Besides, users often do not use all the applications available on the device. Most of the apps they download don’t work as often as flight booking. 3rd party photography apps, so users can offload some unnecessary apps. This feature will automatically uninstall apps you don’t use after a certain period.

For example, in case you need to update to the new iOS but don’t have enough space. Users can temporarily offload some apps to free up memory instead of deleting them completely. Go to Settings (Settings) > General (General) > iPhone Storage (iPhone Storage) to check which apps are taking up the most space.

Here, the user selects an application to temporarily delete and selects the Offload Unused Apps item. System default apps like Photos or Messages won’t be able to be uninstalled temporarily. The selected apps will be deleted from the device. The files and data will still be stored.

If you just need to free up space temporarily to download more apps, or update iOS. Users can offload multiple apps at once. The amount of space saved will depend on each app. Once offloaded, the user will not be able to use the application. If you want to access these apps. Just go to the app store, tap the iCloud icon, and re-download the app.



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