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What to expect from Apple’s first touch-sensitive MacBook

# **What to expect from Apple’s first touch MacBook** **Apple’s first touch MacBook will still keep the traditional design language with the keyboard and trackpad but with a different touch screen, Touch support is the same as the iPhone.** Apple users have been waiting for a product that combines iPad and Mac computers for a long time. Recently, rumors from Mark Gurman of *Bloomberg* have revealed that Apple is developing a touch screen for Mac computers. Specifically, an inside source said that Apple engineers are actively developing the first touch screen MacBook, which could be released in 2025. But the launch of this device has not been fixed yet. plans may change. *Bloomberg’s pen thinks that one of the first touch MacBooks will be in the MacBook Pro line using an OLED screen. Despite the touch screen, this device will still keep the traditional design language of laptops with a regular trackpad and keyboard. The difference lies in the part of the screen that supports taps like on iPhone and iPad. According to Mark Gurman, the first touch MacBook will still run the macOS operating system. Apple currently does not intend to combine iPadOS and macOS. However, recent updates along with the launch of the MacBook line using Apple Silicon chips show that the difference between the two operating systems is narrowing. Some applications on iPhone, iPad can completely run on MacBook using Apple Silicon chip thanks to the synchronization of programming language and design. According to *MacRumors*, Apple executives have repeatedly confirmed that the company has no plans to launch a touch MacBook. In 2021, hardware engineering director John Ternus once denied the combination of iPad and Mac computers that many people speculated. The best touch computer is the iPad, he says, while the Mac is a device optimized for indirect tasks through software rather than physical touch. Apple’s point of view in the design of iPad and MacBook has always been that they are two separate product lines, serving users with different purposes and jobs. “We think there is no reason to change this philosophy,” he said. Earlier, in 2020, Software Engineering Director Craig Federighi also said that ergonomics, the structure of the Mac computer forces the user’s hand to always be on a certain surface, thus raising the hand up and down. to press the screen is a very tiring thing. The director said that the touch interface is not a feature that will be considered for development on the MacBook. At the same time, Apple also has no plans for a major change to the MacBook. Meanwhile, in the laptop market, manufacturers are now focusing on touch-sensitive, two-in-one laptops that can easily be turned into tablets when needed. Giants like HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Microsoft, Google or Samsung have all launched their own touch tablets. In particular, Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung, also has its own line of Galaxy Book laptops, which have both a traditional keyboard and trackpad and a touch screen. But Apple thinks that following technology with touch laptops is not what they should do. “We’ve never compared ourselves to other competitors and then ran after them,” said software engineering director Craig Federighi. The late Steve Jobs also said that letting computer users reach out to touch the vertical screen is an inefficient way. “The touch surface is not suitable for vertical use. After a long time, your arm will want to fall off,” he said in 2010. Jobs’ successor as Apple CEO, Tim Cook has maintained that view in recent years. In 2012, he said that Microsoft combining tablet and laptop is equivalent to combining toaster and refrigerator.



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