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What’s remarkable about the latest iOS?

Apple’s iOS and iPadOS 16.4 beta operating systems allow links from Safari. Displayed as apps, to send notifications on the home screen.

According to a new post on the WebKit blog, authors Brady Eidson and Jen Simmons say. An app created from a web link can request permission to receive notifications. As long as it has direct user interaction.

“iOS and iPadOS 16.4 will prompt the user to grant permission to the app created. From the web link to send notifications. Users can then “manage these permissions on a per-app basis in Notification Settings.” The two authors of the WebKit blog wrote.

“App notifications generated from web links work similarly to other apps. They show up on the Lock Screen, in the Notification Center, and on the paired Apple Watch.”

According to “The Verge”, since the first iPhone. Users have been able to add shortcuts to websites to the home screen. They are represented as app-like icons. However, applications created from web links cannot send notifications to users.

With iOS and iPadOS 16.4, Apple will add this feature to help users avoid missing important notifications.

According to the blog post, apps created from web links can also set notification visibility. Including Lock screens, Notification centers, and Banners. In addition, notifications will also support Focus mode.

Currently, users can install a variety of applications. It’s created from web links on the home screen, for a variety of purposes. Including personal and work interests. “The Verge” says this addition on iOS and iPadOS 16.4 is useful, as it makes it easier to control notifications.

Changes to the app notification feature have been promised for a long time by Apple. Previously, the company first mentioned this issue at the WWDC 2022 event, which took place in June 2022. Not only adding notifications to apps generated from web links, in iOS and iPadiOS 16.4 versions. Users can also save websites and apps from third-party browsers to the home screen.



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