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Where will BTC go next?

This is one of my personal views. First time posting, there are many mistakes, please forgive. First, I would like to talk about the recent hot issue of the list arb event. A token that will follow the dump-sw-pump scenario. The question is why when I just list it, it doesn’t pump or pump x2 x3 or something and then dump. Of course, the answer will be because the MM team doesn’t hold many rows, so it won’t be here. The next question is why cno doesn’t choose a good time like when the market is going up so that it borrows the market’s fomo power to push the price higher. Thus, the discharge will also increase profits. My personal answer is that doing so is quite time consuming. And cno can’t guarantee that everyone will fomo. So the only solution is to keep dumping to collect goods. But there is one more problem. It is with the small amount of goods on hand whether they have enough power to bring the price down to the point that everyone is afraid to sell off. The answer probably won’t be known. There is also a method that is tossing fud for everyone to discharge. But if it continues like this, gradually people will realize and this method will no longer work. And there is a best way that few people realize is that cno will choose the time to list the floor. First consider the OP subchart. Op from the beginning of the list to today is 298 days. If we try to pull back on the BTC chart, we will see that the candle that day is a candle that discharges from 32k to 29k. Then in about 5 to 6 days, BTC went back to the 31k area and from here discharged a circuit to create a new bottom of 17k6. (Picture 1, photo 2) What about apt. This token has been 158 days since the list of exchanges. Similar to the above, we check on the BTC chart and see that this is the time when BTC is going back to 19k after a previous mini wave. But this time is different. Within 17 days BTC rallied about 13% before releasing heavily to create a new bottom. (Picture 3, photo 4) From the above 2 times we can see that cno was very good at listing tokens. It is possible not to list at the right time when the market makes a peak, but the time of the list is generally when the market is about to go into a down phase or the market is not looking good. Cno has borrowed power from the market to make it easy to dump and collect. Applying the same to the arb coin + adding the current context, in my personal opinion, BTC is at the end of the bullish phase and will soon enter the mo phase. If like the previous 2 times, the beginning of the falling wave will fall somewhere around the beginning of t4.

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