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Which iPhone is getting the most ridiculous right now?

## **The mid-range Pixel 7a and Galaxy A54 5G smartphones show that Apple’s iPhone has become too silly.** Segment (smartphone)( .html) mid-range has become more vibrant than ever with the arrival of (Samsung)( Galaxy A54 and Google Pixel 7a. These two devices are also among the best Android phones this year. In particular, the Pixel 7a runs on the new Tensor G2 chip, adds a fast refresh rate screen along with support for wireless charging, and has a 64MP main camera. The Galaxy A54 has some impressive features – a 120Hz refresh rate screen and a much improved main camera for a pretty “soft” price, from only VND 9.49 million. Therefore, users will have a pretty good experience when choosing one of the two phones above. It is worth noting that, when placed next to this pair of mid-range smartphones, the iPhone SE 2022 becomes very funny. Owning the same price as the Galaxy A54 5G, this iPhone has a performance advantage thanks to the integration of the A15 Bionic chip – found in the iPhone 13 series. On the other hand, the product of the “Apple House” is still criticized in many other aspects. . **What does the iPhone SE 3 lack?** Performance and price aside, in all other respects for a mid-range smartphone, the iPhone SE is surpassed by devices from Samsung and Google. This is quite a shame for a company that prides itself on making the best devices on the market. First, the Galaxy A54 mimics the style on the high-end Galaxy S series; The Pixel 7a is the entry-level take on the Pixel 7 flagship. It’s true that these budget phones are made of cheaper materials than more expensive phones, but their designs don’t come cheap. “Cheap” is not a word to describe the iPhone SE, “obsolete” would be more correct in this case. Instead of adapting a newer design, Apple continues to use the old design of the iPhone 8. As a result, the screen of the device has quite thick borders on both the top and bottom edges, making the whole iPhone SE experience quite cramped. . In terms of cameras, both Samsung and Google have improved the hardware on their mid-range phones, leaving the iPhone SE far behind. The Galaxy A54 now uses the same 50MP sensor for the main camera – the same as on the Galaxy S23. Google has increased the resolution of the main 12.2MP camera on the Pixel 6a to the 64MP sensor on the Pixel 7a. In contrast, the iPhone SE has only one 12MP camera on the back. The megapixel count is certainly not everything, but the large sensors on the Galaxy A54 and Pixel 7a can capture more light, resulting in more detailed photos. In addition, the iPhone SE also has the disadvantage of battery life. In the battery test, the phone was surfed over the mobile network until the battery ran out, only lasting 9 hours and 5 minutes. This is 50 minutes shorter than the average smartphone. More importantly, this duration is much worse than the Pixel 7a and Galaxy A54. The Pixel 7a lasted 10 hours and 5 minutes. The Galaxy A54 did even better at 10 hours and 20 minutes, an even longer time when users turned off the 120Hz screen refresh. **What is Apple’s strategy?** A decade ago, talking to Bloomberg, when asked why not pursue the low-cost smartphone market more aggressively, Director Apple executive – Tim Cook has stated: “We are not in the trash business”. The leader of “Apple House” also shared: “We have never had the goal of selling a cheap phone. Our primary goal was to sell a great phone and deliver a great experience, and we’ve found a way to do that for less.” Most likely, the next iPhone SE 4 is also not the ideal mid-range smartphone. However, this device is demanding a change from Apple. The current iPhone SE has quite a low competition compared to many mid-range Android phones. Apple was a hit seven years ago when it introduced the 2016 iPhone SE, but since then, other phone makers have gotten a lot more serious with mid-range phones. If Apple wants future iPhone SE models to be more competitive, it has to change.



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