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Who is the super product that will replace the Galaxy S23 FE?

## **According to the latest reports, Samsung may launch a tri-fold screen smartphone – Tri-Fold this year, eliminating the Galaxy S23 FE.** Recently, another conflicting rumor related to the series (Samsung)( The legendary Fan Edition has appeared. Accordingly, the high-end (smartphone) ( price “delicious” – Galaxy S23 FE may not be “launched” this year. At the same time, according to sources, the Korean company is working on a “Tri-Fold” device – a 3-fold smartphone that “could ship this year”. Currently, the public has a folding screen smartphone with a hinge, so the production of a folding screen smartphone with 2 hinges is something Samsung can completely do. It is expected that this “super product” will have the same design as some of the concepts introduced by Samsung Display at the Consumer Technology Exhibition – CES 2023 in January. This is news that makes the tech world quite excited. Despite the new form factor, the fact that the “Tri-Fold” device – a 3-fold smartphone is just an expansion of the existing double-fold screen, will eliminate all the problems encountered. . At the same time, the product will have a new hinge, the structure is also more complex than the current Galaxy Z Fold line. We will continue to update more information about this product in the next news.



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