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Why did the BTC price in the past 1 year fall sharply divided by 3, altcoins divided a few dozen times. But BNB only split 2 times.

Even flying when btc crashed. And bnb didn’t decrease much? Wykoff-VSA’s Cash-Balance Story- VSA. Do you have a bit of why when btc flies, altcoins fly when Btc goes down, altcoins go down? When btc flies, altcoin devs have to push the alt price up. Otherwise, people will sell high price btc to usdt, use usdt to collect all the alt of the devs -> dev has to push the alt to increase the price so that it won’t be sold out, losing control of the house’s supply. When btc falls, altcoin devs have to push the alt price down as well. If not, then we will sell out all of our altcoins to get usdt to collect cheap btc, make our altcoins drain all of their blood (usdt), die of altcoins -> So when the price of btc drops, the devs have to do it themselves I lowered the price of my altcoin so that I wouldn’t be able to buy cheap btc from the alt community, I wouldn’t be able to get my blood drawn from Lun Altcoin. As for CZ, it dares to keep the price of bnb from falling when btc collapses. Is that it has huge financial resources (from binance revenue). -> It can be comfortable for people to withdraw blood (usdt) without dying bnb dc. It just collects revenue from binance. Not to mention 80% of the patients are czech, even if there is a 20% discharge, the remaining 20% ​​will not draw too much blood from the patient. -> Opportunity for CZ to gain more control over bnb supply, uptrend pushing higher”

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